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Medidata Academy Announces New & Updated Patient Cloud QRCs

Medidata Academy is happy to announce new and updated training resources for the Patient Cloud Suite! These English documents are available to view on the respective Knowledge Space including Rave eCOAWearable Sensors, or Device User Guides.


All documents reflect Rave eCOA product or third-party system updates for 2020:

  • Patient Cloud Registration (2020.1.0)
  • Patient Cloud Settings (2020.1.0)
  • Patient Cloud iOS (2020.1.0)
  • Patient Cloud Android (2020.1.0)
  • Rave Wearable Sensors (2020.1.0)
  • Samsung mobile devices*
  • Apple mobile devices*
  • Fitbit Charge 3 device*

*All training content that includes third party software is relevant for use with Medidata mobile products only. Medidata Academy is not responsible for additional updates to third party systems including user interface, navigation, or functionality. 


The following documents are now available in English and available internally via the Dashboard.

New QRC Documents (6)

  • iPhone 6S User Guide
  • Samsung S7 User Guide
  • Medidata Rave eCOA Caregiver Registration
  • Getting Started Using the Patient Cloud Mobile App and Fitbit
  • Rave Wearable Sensor Study Set Up for Fitbit
  • Subject Compliance for Rave Wearable Sensor Studies Using Fitbit


Updated QRC Document (1)

  • Patient Cloud Troubleshooting


We strongly recommend these new and revised resources to our clients if it is appropriate for their studies.


These documents are now available in English on QRCs are not intended as primary training, as the context for use requires prior training. These documents are intended to provide supportive training content to proficient Rave eCOA users, or basic workflow support to subjects.


If you have any questions about any training course content or eLearning access, please feel free to reach out to us at