Medidata Academy Announces New & Updated Rave eCOA Training

Medidata Academy is happy to announce new and updated training resources for the Patient Cloud Suite! One (1) updated Instructor Led course, and one (1) updated eLearning course are available now in the Course Catalog. In addition, two (2) new and three (3) updated Show Me Videos are available to view on the Rave eCOA Knowledge Space. All courses are available in English and reflect the following 2019 & 2020 feature releases:

  • Patient Cloud Registration (2019.3.0 - 2020.1.0)
  • Patient Cloud Settings (2019.3.0 - 2020.1.0)
  • Patient Cloud iOS (2019.3.0 - 2020.1.0)



All of the following updates are automatically available to new clients according to current course mapping. The updated courses are recommended for existing clients but are not automatically assigned, and course completions are not impacted.


Updated Instructor Led Course (1)

Medidata Rave Study Design and Build Essentials - eCOA

This course has been updated to include accumulation feature content to support study builders in their in-depth, hands-on training of design and build of Rave eCOA studies.

The scripting and exercise updates throughout the course primarily cover the following feature additions:

  • Body Map Control Type (2019.6.0)
  • Field Level Edit Checks (2019.6.0)
  • Option to add Caregiver accounts to enabled studies (2019.4.0)
  • Training Mode module for Patients on enabled studies (2019.3.0)
  • Custom Notifications (2019.6.0)
  • NRS Landscape (2020.1.0)

Note: This course is taught on the latest released version of all Patient Cloud apps and Rave EDC.

This course is now offered for any sessions scheduled after 9 March 2020, and has no impact on current course completions. There is no action required for clients who attended the previous courses, but they are encouraged to review release training or view new and updated foundational course eLearnings associated with any Rave eCOA product releases since they attended their study build course.

Please contact your Medidata representative for scheduling.

Updated eLearning Course (1)

Medidata Rave eCOA for Study Builders: Form Build Basics

This course has been updated to include the following feature as part of the 2020.1.0 feature release:

  • NRS Landscape Orientation (2020.1.0)

We strongly encourage clients to take this revised course to your customers, as it would benefit all users to familiarize themselves with the course update

Please contact your Medidata representative for scheduling.


Show Me Videos (5)

Medidata Academy has also published two (2) new and three (3) updated Show Me Videos to support new product feature adoption. These short videos are designed for Rave eCOA study builders and can be viewed via the Control Type Library on the Rave eCOA Knowledge Space on

The 2 new videos reflect features from the 2019.6.0 iOS product release:

  • Body Map Control Type
  • Numeric Entry Control Type (Field Level Edit)

The 3 updated videos all reflect the landscape orientation feature for various versions of the Numeric Rating Scale (2020.1.0):

  • Numeric Rating Scale (NRS)
  • NRS Faces
  • NRS 5 Labels 

For internal and external clients, these videos are now available in English on These videos cannot be assigned to learners, but are intended to provide additional and ongoing content support to proficient Rave eCOA users. Show Me Videos are not intended as primary training, as the context for use requires prior training.


If you have any questions about any training course content or eLearning access, please feel free to reach out to us at