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Training Alert

Medidata Academy announces Updated and Retired courses for Rave EDC

Medidata Academy is pleased to announce the release of the following new and updated training materials for Rave EDC


Additionally, as part of the Rave EDC Phased Curriculum Rollout, we have also retired the existing Rave EDC micro modules in English. The localized versions will be retired later. Scroll down to see details.


Updated eLearning Course


Medidata Rave EDC: Getting Started

This course has been revamped and updated to the Rave 2020.1.0 version. It is recommended for new users as well as Read Only users, and covers how to carry out certain tasks in Rave EDC such as:

  • Access & Navigation
  • Working with Forms
  • Viewing Rave Standard Reports

The course is now available via iMedidata. Please contact your Medidata representative for enrollment.

Note: All client study groups / teams who had the "Medidata Rave EDC Getting Started" course configured in iMedidata will automatically see the updated version. This has no impact on current course completions or study access for external clients.


New & Updated Show Me Videos


In order to streamline the training content for Rave EDC, we have created / updated 18 show-me videos that are now available on the Rave EDC Video Library. All customers who can access the Rave EDC Knowledge Space can see them. These are grouped below:


Show-Me Videos New / Update
Navigating to Rave EDC Updated
Working with Queries New
Log Lines (Markings on Log Lines & Log Line Demo) New
Cleaning Data (Verifying DataFreezing DataLocking DataReviewing Data) New
Markings (Adding Sticky Notes & Adding Protocol Deviations) New
eSignatures (Signing a Form & Signing a Subject) New
Entering and Editing Data New
EDC Tasks (Task Management & Bulk Actions) Updated & New
Understanding Lab Forms Updated
Subject Administration (Forms and Folders) New
Viewing Subject PDFs Updated
Creating a Subject Updated


Retired eLearning Courses


As announced earlier, we have consolidated information from the Rave EDC micro-modules into comprehensive, role-based training to match the standard workflows within Rave EDC.


Therefore, we are now officially retiring the Rave EDC micro-modules in English. The versions in Chinese, English, and Japanese will be retired once the replacement role-based courses are published, currently planned for July.


The following pages in our Training Course Catalog have also been updated:

Medidata Rave EDC eLearning Modules: This page is now updated and lists all the available, role-based eLearning courses for Rave EDC in one place for easy reference.


Updated Course Mappings for Medidata Rave EDC: This document lists the high level mapping of the content within Rave EDC micro modules, as covered in the new Rave EDC role based courses or an independent video on the Medidata Knowledge Space. It is embedded in the Medidata Rave EDC eLearning Modules page as a supplement.


We hope that these pages will be helpful in communicating with our clients about the new & retired eLearning course offerings.


The list of retired eLearning courses (in English) is as follows:

  • Medidata Rave EDC: Creating a Subject
  • Medidata Rave EDC: Entering and Editing Data
  • Medidata Rave EDC: Markings
  • Medidata Rave EDC: Cleaning Data
  • Medidata Rave EDC: eSignatures
  • Medidata Rave EDC: About Log Forms
  • Medidata Rave EDC: Understanding Lab Forms
  • Medidata Rave EDC: Local Lab Administration
  • Medidata Rave EDC: Task Management
  • Medidata Rave EDC: Subject PDFs
  • Medidata Rave EDC: Subject Administration


Treatment of Retired eLearning courses


Retirement of a course does not remove the content from iMedidata or availability of the courses for those study groups/teams where they were already configured. Therefore, clients currently accessing/mapping these courses will see no immediate change.


If you have any questions about the course content and eLearning access, please feel free to reach out to us at