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Medidata Academy announces Updated eLearning courses for MEDS Reporter 2019.2.0 Release

In conjunction with the MEDS Reporter 2019.2.0 Release, Medidata Academy is happy to announce updates to the MEDS Reporter: Report Offerings and the MEDS Reporter: Getting Started course.

    1. Medidata MEDS Reporter: Report Offerings (Updated Course)
      This eLearning course covers the various types of report offerings (categories) within MEDS Reporter. It has been updated to include the new Study Management Report Category with the new Study Management Enrollment Summary Report.

      To accommodate the expanding portfolio of the report categories offered by MEDS Reporter, the structure of this course has been revamped to cover the following:

      • Overview of each report category
      • Specific Role and Access Prerequisites for each report category
      • Sample Report for each report category

      Please note that this course still enables users to choose their own path based on their purchased product offerings. For example, if your client is only interested in Trial Supply Management reports, they can simply review that section and move on with the course!

    2. Medidata MEDS Reporter: Getting Started (Updated Course)
      This eLearning course covers the basics of using MEDS Reporter. It has been updated to include the following:

      • How to Create & Assign Roles for iMedidata, Cloud Administration and Enhanced MEDS Reporter
      • How to access MEDS Reporter via iMedidata, Cloud Admin and Enhanced MEDS Reporter.

Both courses have been updated on iMedidata. This has had no impact on current course completions or study access.

We strongly recommend these revised courses, as it would benefit all users to familiarize themselves with the course updates.

Please reach out to your Medidata representative for enrollment.

If you have any questions about these courses, please feel free to reach out to us at