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New Patient Cloud SensorLink & ePRO Training Materials

With the Patient Cloud SensorLink 2017.2.0 and Registration 2017.2.0 release on March 24th, Medidata Academy proudly announces several new and updated materials.


New Feature Training!

To support the release, the new Patient Cloud SensorLink Subject Registration and Patient Management eLearning course will cover how to Register Subjects into a Patient Cloud SensorLink study, and the related Patient Management functions for sensor data collection. This eLearning course is now available on iMedidata and the Learning Lab, and also available as two individual Show Me Videos (SensorLink Registration and SensorLink Patient Management)  accessible via the Patient Cloud Knowledge Space.


To further customer enablement, the Patient Cloud SensorLink Registration and Patient Management Quick Reference Cards covering these workflows will also be available via the Patient Cloud Knowledge Space.


Repurposed and Shortened!

In Addition, several Patient Cloud ePRO material updates are now available. The Medidata Patient Cloud ePRO for Study Builders eLearning course has been shortened from it’s previous version, and now provides an overview of basic Study Build in Rave Architect (configuring Date Fields; Single Option forms using Dictionaries; Instructions using Field Help, and Visual Analog Scales). The updated course is now available on iMedidata.


All client study groups/teams that have this course configured in iMedidata will automatically have access to the updated version, so there will be no impact on existing course completions.


Brand New Library!

The remaining content previously covered in the eLearning (all other Control Types listed below), will now be available to review in individual Show Me Videos accessible via the Video Tutorials link on the Patient Cloud Knowledge Space (

The New Patient Cloud ePRO Study Builder Control Type Library now includes Show Me Videos on the following topics:

  • Building Test Subjects
  • Number Control
  • Conditional Branching
  • Anytime Forms
  • Multi Select Questions
  • Calendar Controls
  • Visual Analog Scales (VAS)
  • Single Option Questions
  • Acknowledgement & Timestamps
  • Numeric Rating Scales
  • Wong-Baker & Bristol Stool Scales

New & Updated Quick Reference Cards!

Finally, several newly updated Quick Reference Cards are now available for Patient Cloud ePRO and SensorLink basic workflows. These documents are currently available in English upon request from the Academy, and are also accessible via the Patient Cloud Quick Reference Cards link on the Patient Cloud Knowledge Space.


The New Quick Reference Cards include:

  • Patient Cloud ePRO Registration (in iMedidata)
  • Patient Cloud ePRO Activation (in Patient Cloud app on mobile device)
  • Patient Cloud SensorLink Registration and Patient Management (in iMedidata)
  • Patient Cloud SensorLink Activation (in Patient Cloud app on mobile device)
  • Patient Cloud SensorLink Activation for Garmin Devices (in Patient Cloud app and Garmin app on mobile device)


For any questions about the content of these courses, please reach out to us at