New Patient Cloud Standard Courses Available!

Medidata Academy is excited to announce four new eLearning courses available in the Course Catalog!The following courses all highlight the new eCOA/ePRO Patient Cloud App and RaveX where applicable.

Medidata Patient Cloud ePRO Subject Registration

Attendees will learn the complete registration process for a new subject in an ePRO study,

  • How to Create a Subject in Rave EDC
  • How to Register Your Subject using Patient Cloud Registration
  • How to Activate a Subject Account Using the eCOA/ePRO App

This course is designed for study managers and site users who support or manage Patient Cloud ePRO studies. This course will be offered in addition to the ePRO legacy app version of this content.

Medidata Patient Cloud for Study Builders eLearning Series

This eLearning series is designed for study builders who want to learn:

  • The various forms and control type options available for Patient Cloud studies
  • How to build common Patient Cloud form types in ePRO studies and how they look in the app
  • How to test ePRO study build in the Patient Cloud App

These courses highlight the new Patient Cloud App, and RaveX. Users should be assigned all three eLearnings in this series to complete the Patient Cloud ePRO Study Build training. It is recommended to complete the series in the following order:

The legacy course is still available for clients needing to learn study build with Rave and the ePRO legacy app.

We strongly encourage using these training courses as part of your education when implementing a Patient Cloud study.

For additional questions, please contact us at Medidata Academy (