Medidata Academy announces iMedidata 2016.4.2 Release Training

Medidata Academy is excited to present the following courses and videos as part of the iMedidata 2016.4.2 release:

  1. iMedidata Release Training 2016.4.2 (New)

In this eLearning, you will learn about the new user enhancements, such as:

  • Increasing the number of previously used passwords
  • Removing the Universal imedidata Site Number
  • Replacing the close message notifification text with an “X”
  • Removing the Username from the dropdown screen
  • Removing links to the Studies, Sites, and Team pages on the iMedidata homepage
  • Removing Study Group Level Course Overrides
  1. iMedidata Video Library (Update)

All related videos in the iMedidata Knowledge Space has been updated to reflect the latest release enhancements.

  1. iMedidata eLearnings (Update)

The “iMedidata Account Management” and “iMedidata for Admins: Managing a Study” eLearning courses in iMedidata have been updated to reflect the latest release changes.

How can I receive Training?

This course is now available to clients and partners via iMedidata.  Customers and partners may reach out to their respective Medidata Project Managers (PM) for enrollment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at