Connected Patient Platform

Connected Patient Platform

The Next Generation of Health Data and Devices

Every day, hospitals, doctors, and life science companies collect huge amounts of data on individual patients, diseases and medical procedures. The rise of a new generation of robotic, precision, and surgical devices has created vast stores of video, imaging, and other electronic surgical notes, while the proliferation of digital patient technologies, such as electronic medical records, wearable sensors and mobile apps are generating an inventory of personalized data on each patient. The question is, how to bring this patient data together and make it meaningful for the advancement of patient care. Connect the new digital health data ecosystem and enable collaboration and precision in patient care with Acorn AI’s Connected Patient Platform.

The Connected Patient Platform unifies disparate data sources such as imaging and medical device data, hospital data , e.g. EMR, PACs, RIS, and other clinical data from across the healthcare ecosystem into a central hub, driving better patient care. The Platform connects all appropriate stakeholders and ensures they have access to the right patient data in the right format at the right time. By automating workflows and collecting, aggregating and modeling data from a wide range of health sources, physicians gain valuable insights about the treatment and outcomes of their patients.  For example, the Connected Patient Platform can help physicians rapidly create an optimized pre-surgical plan in collaboration with the medical device representative by combining real-time sharing of medical images and patient data, with robust viewing and analysis tools, to enable faster, more efficient and more effective preoperative planning for implantable devices.

The Connected Patient Platform for Optimized Pre-Surgical Planning

Medical Devices and Advanced Analytics

Delivering on the Promise of Connected Data

Why the Connected Patient Platform?

The Connected Patient Platform is the engine for precision care by connecting disparate data sources, enabling real-time collaboration, and accelerating the delivery of actionable insights to the frontlines of healthcare decision-making.

  • Connected datasets remove silos and provide a holistic view of patient data
  • Collaborative platform with a sophisticated workflow management tool delivers easy collaboration for healthcare providers
  • Analytical insights, driven from smart modeling, provide better outcomes and precision care
  • Real-World Evidence accelerates treatment impact and better patient engagement

Use cases for the Connected Patient Platform include:

  • Pre-Surgical Planning
  • Robotic Surgery / Digital Surgery
  • Custom Device Manufacturing
  • Tumor Board Management
  • Tele-Stroke Workflow
  • Patient Screening + Selection
  • Predictive Analytics

The Rise of Integrated Data in Medical Devices