Rave Coder

Rave Coder

Code with greater speed, consistency, and fewer headaches.

Rave Coder provides a cloud-based, centralized clinical data coding system in clinical trials, backed by our pioneering machine learning algorithm, that streamlines medical coding workflow and consolidates data, queries, and reconciliation, saving time and money. 

Streamline medical coding across therapeutic areas, global teams, and regulatory regions.

Why Rave Coder?

High Consistency

With trials increasingly dispersed across the globe, consistency can be a serious pain point for you. Rave Coder offers centralized medical coding in clinical trials and includes dictionary maintenance, with MedDRA®, MedDRA/J®, WHODrug, and J Drug. Setting up synonym lists, and up-versioning are fast and effortless. Rave Coder is certified by WhoDrug Uppsala Monitoring Centre, the global leader in pharmacovigilance.

Powered by Machine Learning

Our algorithm provides medical coding suggestions based on patterns observed in tens of millions of historical clinical data coding decisions from thousands of trials. These highly accurate coding suggestions help to minimize error and reduce the time and effort you spend coding.

Cost Effective

Faster teams and fewer coding errors mean more productive studies. With Rave Coder and its easy-to-use interface with Rave EDC, you can streamline dictionary management, reduce medical coding costs after dictionary upgrades, improve coding workflow and ultimately reduce cycle times.

Mar Reyes
Data Management Director, Ambit
Rave Coder and Rave EDC

Ambit masters multiple studies with integrated Rave Coder and Rave EDC.