Dial down risk while you dial up efficiency, flexibility, and start-up speed.

Meet Rave RTSM, Medidata’s innovative randomization and trial supply management system; built to support simple, adaptive, direct-to-patient, virtual, as well as medical device trials.  Rave RTSM has been built to support Clinical Supply Managers by making it easier to handle shipments and track devices by providing more robust features and reporting capabilities.  

Even more, Rave RTSM supports Data Managers and Clinical Operations managers by seamlessly integrating with Rave EDC to eliminate duplicate data entry, reduce reconciliation, decrease administrative burden associated with traditional methods of specifications, and significantly lower your risk and cost.

Rave RTSM is completely configurable with pre-validated components so you can get your study started faster. Our innovative Edit Live Design™ functionality makes managing complex study set-ups easier and simplifies mid-study changes.  Coupled with supply integration service, on-demand shipping, and robust reporting, end users can experience a comprehensive RTSM solution.

See how Medidata is improving study start by delivering a usable RTSM today.

See the benefits and experience of using Rave RTSM for a randomized, double-blinded trial with Cancer Research UK.

Why Rave RTSM?

The Only RTSM Unified with Rave

With a seamless, user-friendly interface and streamlined workflow, Rave RTSM is completely unified with Rave EDC. Rave RTSM provides eSA (electronic supply accountability) enabling users to perform IP (investigational product) accountability and reconciliation seamlessly within Rave EDC. 

The Only RTSM That Is 100 Percent Configurable

Using pre-validated components, you can quickly create the system that’s right for your study, even for complex, variable trial designs. With Rave RTSM, you can start your study in two to three weeks versus the industry standard of six-plus weeks.

The Only RTSM That Provides Real-Time Flexibility

Rave RTSM offers unrivaled flexibility for your trial. Make mid-study changes in real time, without time-consuming change orders. The first capability of its kind in the industry, Edit Live Design enables adaptive trials, re-randomization, and comprehensive supply management schemes that require changes on demand.

Proven by More Than 1,000 Clinical Trials

The Rave RTSM randomization algorithms are designed by our expert statisticians and have been used in more than 1,000 clinical trials across multiple therapeutic areas; involving more than 230,000 patients since 2010.

Unparalleled Support

With 24/7/365 Support, our team effectively distinguishes and resolves issues related to software and conduct of clinical protocol when you need it most.

Direct-to-Patient Services

RTSM for Direct-to-Patient (DtP) services bring investigational medicinal products (IMP) directly to a patient’s home, bypassing the need for the patient to travel directly to a site.

Maximize Operational Efficiency and Reduce Burden

Value of RTSM

RTSM for Data Managers

  • Interoperability with Rave EDC
  • Streamlines the workflow
  • Enables faster build
  • Eliminates reconciliation
  • Edit Live Design (ELD) for mid-study changes

RTSM for Clinical Supply Managers 

  • Supply integration service
  • On-Demand shipments
  • Direct-to-patient
  • Medical Device Management
  • Robust traceability and reporting

RTSM for Study Managers

  • Electronic Supply Accountability (eSA)
  • Eliminates duplicate and erroneous data
  • Robust traceability and reporting

RTSM for Biostatisticians

  • Flexibility to manage cohort and adaptive trials
  • Choice of dynamic or permuted block
  • Ability to test prior to database deployment
  • Enable mid-study changes to supply plans

Accurately and efficiently randomizing patients and supplying treatments is at the very heart of clinical trials.

Getting the most out of the Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud with Rave RTSM.

Start studies faster with randomization you can trust, enabled by Rave eConsent, Rave eCOA, Rave EDC, and Rave RTSM.

Patients are auto-enrolled and consented with Rave eConsent, and randomized using Rave RTSM in a single platform. Because Rave EDC captures randomization and dosing criteria, you can automatically determine if and when a patient should be randomized and/or dosed. This approach eliminates the need for multiple data entry and helps ensure the right treatment is delivered to the right patient at the right time.