Enabling patients to virtually participate in the industry’s most comprehensive patient-centric solution

The industry has begun to incorporate virtualizing technologies in trial design, often consisting of multiple point solutions. 

myMedidata is a single-destination patient portal built on the industry’s leading Rave EDC, in use at more clinical research sites globally than any other system. With myMedidata, patients can use any online device to virtually learn, enroll and participate in clinical trial activities. This offers a streamlined and trusted approach to virtualizing clinical trials.

myMedidata encompasses all of the capabilities of Medidata’s patient-facing solutions for electronic consent and clinical outcomes assessment (eCOA) along with live video investigator/patient visits using myMedidata LIVE all through one web-based intuitive interface.

Create a better patient experience and transform trials with myMedidata

See how myMedidata brings patient-facing solutions into one unified platform, giving sites the ability to streamline operations and maintain a consistent and traceable process, built using input from Medidata’s Patient Insights team of patient advocates.


To enroll in a new study virtually, patients are invited to create their myMedidata account, then are guided through an electronic consenting process, also known as eConsent. Through myMedidata eConsent, patients watch the study’s eConsent video, review all relevant consent documents and can participate in a LIVE video visit to discuss the study with study staff prior to consenting. Upon confirming full understanding of the consent, the patient virtually signs their web-based eConsent.


Throughout the trial life cycle, patients access their myMedidata accounts to virtually complete any necessary electronic clinical outcome assessment. Study teams configure all patient data forms needed and the patient logs into myMedidata to complete the web-based forms.

myMedidata LIVE

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many clinical trials were paused in part due to the patient’s inability to travel to the trial site for scheduled clinic visits. myMedidata LIVE is a web-based, live video conferencing capability connecting patients with their clinical trial study staff, virtually. A myMedidata LIVE video visit between patients and sites can replace a scheduled site-based appointment and allow the study team to complete their data entry in Rave while the patient remains engaged offsite through myMedidata. A LIVE video visit can also be used prior to consenting, as a request made by the patient or the site.

myMedidata Registries

myMedidata Registries expands patient participation from a single trial transaction to pre-and post-trial engagement, resulting in a community of educated, empowered and engaged patients.

Medidata Link and myMedidata

Medidata Link accelerates insights within & beyond the clinical trial by allowing Sponsors or CROs to connect patient-level clinical trial and real-world data. The current gaps between clinical trial and real world data (RWD) make it hard to fully draw the insights necessary to understand long term outcomes and therapeutic efficacy – resulting in suboptimal data, costly delays or additional follow-up visits which increase the burden to sites, patients and sponsors alike. Using their myMedidata account, patients can easily be given the choice to opt-in for their RWD to be linked to clinical trial data.

Fact Sheet

Struggling with patient enrollment
and retention? Unsure how to enable virtualization in your clinical trials?

See how myMedidata can improve patient engagement and retention, accelerate clinical trial timelines, and mitigate risks with study virtualization.

Put patients at the forefront of your studies


Single clinical trial dashboard for life

Increase trial engagement before, during and after studies. myMedidata is accessible through any smart device and desktops/laptops which enables remote visits and encourages real-time data collection. myMedidata also eliminates the need for extra apps, logins and unnecessary provisioned devices.


Enables continuous clinical data capture

Put sites and patients on the same data platform and eliminate integrations. By reducing the need for provisioned devices and multiple vendors you can streamline operations significantly while decreasing study start up complexity.


Standardize on technology

Simplify clinical research obligations by putting patients on the same technology as the site staff. Remote visits and virtual patient engagement increases protocol adherence and compliance.