Medidata Detect

Centralized Monitoring of Risk Across All Data

Sponsors and CROs are increasingly relying on centralized statistical monitoring and analysis to take a more proactive approach to detect trial risks. Medidata Detect is a powerful data and risk surveillance tool designed to improve your data integrity and reduce trial risk through statistical algorithms which automatically flag data errors, trends, and anomalies across multiple data sources.

Built on the Medidata Clinical Cloud™, Medidata Detect allows your monitoring teams to focus on what matters most and close the loop between risk identification and issue resolution, in ways that listings and reports simply can’t.

Benefits of Medidata Detect

Improve Patient and Study Data Quality

Automation of anomaly detection results in fewer edit checks and faster time to database lock.

Manual data review is eliminated with a single, comprehensive data surveillance tool for patient profiles, outlier detection, listings, and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).

Proactively Monitor For Study Risks

Your central monitoring workflows are streamlined so that quality issues are identified early and tracked through remediation.

Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) now have the visibility to proactively perform root-cause investigations and take corrective actions.

Aggregate Insights Across Data Sources

The seamless flow of data across solutions including Rave EDC, Rave eCOA, and Rave Safety Gateway provides a truly unified and holistic approach to data quality oversight.

Data moves quickly from acquisition to analytics, and linkage to Rave EDC queries eliminates duplicate query reconciliation.

Prevent Avoidable Study Delays

Increase your confidence that submitted study data will not be rejected.

With our managed service, Rave Trial Assurance, powered by Medidata Detect, you can accelerate the analysis of study data with no configuration required.

Features of Medidata Detect

01 Holistic Data Surveillance

Holistic Data Surveillance

Your data trends are visualized in one place to make it easier to understand clinically significant events and insights. Data automatically flows for reviewing and tracking issues.

02 Integrated Data Workflows
Integrated Data Workflows

Integrated Data Workflows

Medidata Detect is unified with Rave EDC for faster query identification and resolution. Detect also provides you the ability to remotely monitor your trial risks through a number of standard and custom key risk indicators, and to connect outcomes to risk management workflows.

03 All Data in One Place
All Data in One Place

All Data in One Place

Truly multidimensional, Medidata Detect provides the analyses to identify site performance issues, and address patient-centric risks as well as systematic study errors via Quality Tolerance Limits.

04 Driven by Machine Learning
Driven by Machine Learning

Driven by Machine Learning

Medidata Detect standardizes and prioritizes all clinical data across millions of data points, automatically detects anomalies, and analyzes them in the context of the entire study.

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Rave Trial Assurance

Rave Trial Assurance

A managed service, powered by Medidata Detect, Trial Assurance evaluates the integrity and quality of all your clinical data within a clinical trial.

Medidata Risk Management

Medidata Risk Management

Medidata Risk Management is an integrated digital solution which identifies critical-to-quality (CtQ) factors, associated risks, mitigation strategies, and monitors for those trial risks through key risk indicators (KRIs) and quality tolerance limits (QTLs).



Rave CTMS is a unified digital solution that improves the speed, efficiency, and collaboration for the oversight of your studies, countries, and sites through automation and workflow management.

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Product Video

COVID-19 and the Critical Need for Remote Monitoring

Clinical trial data collection and monitoring has become complex. And this has become even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Siloed data sources and manual processes, coupled with 100% source data review strategies, have inhibited the collection and review of patient data, placing the overall trial at risk.

Fact Sheet

Proactively Improve Data Quality and Reduce Trial Risk

Medidata Detect simplifies the detection of errors, trends and anomalies in study data through automated statistical algorithms and tests to improve study data quality and ensure patient safety.


The Power of Multi-Dimensional Oversight

Inconsistent or missing data? Protocol violations or deviations? Your trial at risk?

See how Medidata Detect uncovers the data you need to trigger corrective actions that will minimize the financial impact of delays and unsuccessful submissions.

White Paper

Monitoring eCOA/ePRO Data to Improve Data Quality and Reduce Trial Risk

How can Sponsors operationalize a patient-centric approach into their drug development plans? 

In this paper, we discuss the value of using advanced technology—specifically centralized statistical analytics—to oversee patient safety and data quality/integrity in a risk-based manner. Relying on centralized statistical analytics will help ensure the quality of eCOA/ePRO data and compliance with ICH and FDA regulations on the use of risk-based monitoring.

Video Series

Videocasts on Centralized Statistical Monitoring feat. Syneos Health

In this five episode series, hear from experts at Medidata and Syneos Health on how modernizing trials with centralized statistical monitoring benefited the various departments and stages of Syneos’ clinical trials.

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