Stop focusing on every data point and start focusing on what matters most.

Source Data Verification (SDV) devours more than 15 percent of trial budgets, yet research shows that verifying every data point doesn’t significantly improve data quality. Research also shows that less than 3 percent of all CRF data changes when doing 100 percent SDV. You need a way to automatically target SDV where you need it most. That’s what you get with Rave Targeted SDV (TSDV). Rave TSDV reduces SDV without compromising data quality or regulatory compliance.

Spend less time on low-gain SDV and more time on high-gain critical data and processes.

Why Rave TSDV?

Save Costs in Monitoring Visits

Checking every box for every data point is not the best use of a site monitor’s time. In fact, doing 100 percent SDV increases the likelihood of something else important to the study being overlooked. A focused approach to SDV is within your reach, along with higher data quality and integrity.

Design Better SDV Strategies

With Rave TSDV, study teams can design, configure, and execute a highly targeted SDV strategy and still maintain 100 percent coverage of critical safety and efficacy data. You can plan study-specific and site-specific SDV all the way down to the data field, form, and patient visit levels. Prepare inspection-ready records of verified and unverified data points to ensure compliance.

Spend More Time on High-Value Activities

When monitors aren’t heads down and preoccupied with 100 percent SDV, they can spend more time on targeted communications with study sites, leading to improved data-cleaning cycles, site enrollment metrics, and overall efficiency and performance.

Heather Paden
Head of Clinical Operations, PROMETRIKA

"Tools such as Medidata Rave TSDV allow us to target our monitor's review on the data endpoints that we really need. It frees them up to do things that we cannot centrally, like drug accountability, ensuring PI oversight"