Rave Trial Assurance

Rave Trial Assurance

Don’t let bad data quality delay your drug approval.

Rave Trial Assurance evaluates the integrity and quality of all clinical and lab data within your clinical trial — including a comprehensive analysis, report, and presentation of results. You’ll gain immediate, actionable insights to improve clinical trial performance and data quality, which can positively impact study results and future reviews by regulatory authorities.

Experience the differences between FDA approval and a letter from the FDA.

Why Rave Trial Assurance?

Comprehensive Analysis

Rave Trial Assurance is a data-driven process that helps you maintain accurate and consistent data over the life of your clinical trial. Aided by automated statistical examination, a team led and trained by former FDA statistical reviewers will perform a comprehensive analysis of the study data and provide you with a summary report.

Robust Reporting

Missed adverse events, data anomalies, and procedural deviations can negatively affect timelines and lead to costly study delays. Rave Trial Assurance visually unifies all relevant data for each individual patient, making it easier for you to identify inconsistencies within a patient’s history.

Risk Mitigation

Rave Trial Assurance minimizes the risk of failure from errors unrelated to drug efficacy. It enhances data quality through machine learning, helping you to identify and address anomalies manual reviews can overlook.

Learn how to de-risk your trials with machine learning. Avoid data inconsistencies and submission errors.