Rave eCOA

Rave eCOA

Modernize clinical outcome assessments using the leading unified clinical development platform.

Medidata eCOA is revolutionizing the way sponsors, CROs, and sites collect electronic data from patients, physicians and caregivers. Available as an iOS or Android app or web-based solution, Medidata eCOA provides a single-system deployment model for capturing patient data that can simplify your builds, accelerate study timelines, and lower costs. Medidata eCOA provides an easy-to-use, full-service offering that includes best-in-class technology, flexible deployment options, groundbreaking global instrument library, professional services, and dedicated customer support.


Creating a better patient experience

Learn about using eCOA in oncology clinical trials in this on-demand video series.

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Why Rave eCOA?

Shave Weeks Off Study Start Time with the Industry’s First Global eCOA Library

Rave eCOA boasts a standardized eCOA library that includes author approvals, IRB/ethics screenshot packages, and translations while complying with ISPOR and CDISC industry standards.

Unified Platform Approach

With the ability to significantly speed study start timelines, the unified platform approach simplifies set up and eliminates the need for multiple vendors. It offers a centralized interface for one login, one app/UI, one device and one database. Rave eCOA is the only eCOA solution that connects with Rave EDC, Rave RTSM, Rave eConsent, Rave Wearable Sensors and other technologies supporting a unified traditional, hybrid, or virtual clinical trial. Since it is just one platform, you can saves fees and time because you don’t need multiple vendors to create and maintain integrations.

Comprehensive Suite of Services

A full global device provisioning service for handhelds, tablets, and wearable devices that supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or a hybrid approach using modern hardware. There is also a dedicated team to provide support for validated instrument migration and translations as well as author relationships and license management. With real-time data access, reporting, and analytics you are able to obtain quicker, deeper, and actionable insights when you need them. Offering unlimited 24/7 helpdesk calls, patients and site staff can reach help desk support anytime, anywhere 365 days a year.

Syneos Health and Medidata talk about strategies for implementation of eCOA with a solid foundation of technology, service and science

Getting the most out of Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud with Rave eCOA

One data source for all your studies, enabled by Rave eCOA, Rave EDC, Rave Imaging, and Rave eConsent.

Capture objective, timely data from any data source, clinical or non-clinical, into a single source of truth for all your data enabled by Rave EDC working with Rave ImagingRave eConsent and Rave eCOA. Eliminate the need for duplicate data entry, multiple data migrations, or harmonization efforts to enable quality data capture and consistency in real time. Unify data and workflows across your study for rapid startup, streamlined execution with cleaner data, and faster closeout. Allow your study teams to make better-informed decisions and glean study insights faster.

Dr. Miganush Stepanians
President and CEO, PROMETRIKA
Rave EDC, Rave RTSM and Rave eCOA

PROMETRIKA talks about the benefits of a unified data collection approach