Patient Centricity

Patient Centricity

Develop clinical trials with patient-centricity in mind.

The patient journey extends before and after a clinical trial, starting with education about the study and moving through the informed consent process, data capture, analysis, and study closeout. It’s important to understand how patients want to interact with a clinical trial while also considering that accessibility, site convenience, support, and engagement can lead to improved patient satisfaction.  Virtualizing clinical trials can help sponsors incorporate patient preferences into the trial design and implementation, allowing for a more satisfied, empathetic patient experience and a seamless process for the patient, sponsor, and entire trial team. 

Learn about using eCOA in oncology clinical trials in this on-demand video series.

Patient Centricity enabled by the Medidata Patient Cloud

The Medidata Patient Cloud encompasses a suite of Rave tools that will help you empower and engage patients in every stage of the clinical trial. It supports the entire patient journey, enabled by eCOA, Rave EDC, eConsent, Medidata Sensor Cloud, and Rave Virtual Trials. With eConsent you can obtain patient consent electronically and automate patient onboarding into Rave EDC. eCOA enables you to capture clinical outcome data electronically from any location in a single unified platform, already integrated with Rave EDC.  Medidata Sensor Cloud allows you to captures frequent, continuous, and objective data directly from patients. Rave Virtual Trials helps you lower your costs, expedite trials, and realize improved patient volumes through digital tools that capture patient data at the trial site or remotely.

Watch co-founder Glen de Vries' tour of the Medidata ecosystem