Emerging Biopharma and Biotech

Emerging Biopharma and Biotech

Power the decisions that will accelerate your study success.

Emerging Biopharma and Biotech (EBPs) drive the majority of trials and innovation in life sciences. However, they are restricted by lean resources, limited access to sites and patients, lack of integrated systems, and risk of uncertain funding.

Medidata optimizes your patient enrollment, risk-proofs your data management, and gives you the agility to pivot your study while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.

Why Medidata for Emerging Biopharma and Biotech

Our #1 ranked Professional Services team will guide you and your organization throughout the project lifecycle to help transform your clinical trials for tomorrow.

Accelerate your study success with fit-for-purpose tailored strategies, and benefit from the technology that helps you control your data, simplify your trials, adapt to your evolving needs, and maintain your cost predictability.


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Clinical Trial Pain Points for Small & Mid Pharma

The EBP Master Class

Webinar Series

Consultants talk to Emerging Biopharma, Biotech, and Medical Device sponsors.

A series specifically designed for EBPs by independent consultants, so you can gain insights and practical learnings on how to avoid study pitfalls.

Essential Guide: What Most Medical Device Companies Face and How to Succeed

Sponsored by Medidata and authored by expert Althea Wieland, Founder and President of Clinical Research Strategies, this Guide provides Wieland’s first-hand view of challenges, best practices, and winning factors garnered through her extensive work with early stage medical device companies.

6 Rules for EBPs to Succeed: Insights from Top Industry Consultants

This eBook compiles and summarizes learnings from the MasterClass Webinar Series hosted by Medidata in partnership with industry’s top consultants – Hajime Arnold, Sharon Ayd, Susmita Gupta, and Inessa Vulfova – as expert tips and practical advice to avoid study pitfalls and be on the path to success.

A Simple User Experience for a Randomized Double Blind

Cancer Research UK shares its experience and the outcome of using Rave RTSM.

Flexible Study Build Model Meets Changing Business Model

How Onconova leveraged Medidata to gain flexibility and control over the study build process.

How a Unified Platform can Benefit Every Phase of a Study

PhaseBio gained the ability to monitor multiple studies in parallel and merge data sets as needed.