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Emerging and Mid-Sized Biopharma companies rely on Medidata to gain speed, scale as complexity increases, mitigate risks, and improve trial outcomes.

Medicenna: Solving the Impossible in Glioblastoma with Medidata Acorn AI Synthetic Control Arm® (SCA®)

Hear how Medicenna Therapeutics, Inc worked with the Acorn AI team to become the first to get an FDA agreement to design a phase 3 registrational trial using an external control arm.

One technology platform to power people, processes, and progress.

Medidata helps Emerging and Mid-Sized Biopharma companies adapt, simplify, scale, and accelerate their clinical trials, from protocol design to study startup, conduct, close-out, and commercialization.

Our platform is built to enable you with cloud-based, modular, integrable, easily configurable capabilities, all powered by the latest patient, clinical and operational data, and AI solutions.


To adapt, scale, and meet increasing requirements for virtual, decentralized, and hybrid trials, Emerging and Mid-Sized Biopharma companies need a path to gain immediate advantage and leap into the next generation of clinical trials.


Within one scalable platform, Medidata enables remote patients to discover, evaluate, and enroll in your study virtually.

Real-time data is collected and securely stored for analytics and reporting. Engage larger populations of untapped patients with Direct-to-Patient (DtP).

Continuous remote monitoring of document review, targeted source data verification, and site activities enable risk remediation in real-time and with a fully auditable solution. Sites also gain efficiencies with the adoption of a single, standardized Imaging technology, delivering control and flexibility.

Supporting 360+ industry-sponsored COVID-19 studies in 70+ countries, Medidata teams up with Emerging and Mid-Sized Biopharma companies to pivot, adapt, and future proof their remote technologies to meet long-term compliance and future disruptions.

Resources for Mid-Sized Biopharma


Decentralized Clinical Trial Technology

Disruptions preventing or limiting site access to patients, monitors, and CRAs are propelling long-lasting changes.

Are you set to adopt a decentralized clinical trial strategy?


Pivot Faster

Hear how executives at TissueTech, Rezolute, and UroGen Pharma have achieved greater pace and performance results.



The Data to Increase Success

Data is at the core of study success.

Optimize trial design, accelerate patient enrollment, improve operations, and proactively improve data quality.