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Medical Device and Diagnostics

Optimize the clinical trial process for your medical device and diagnostic equipment with a powerful united platform.

Medidata’s united clinical platform, the Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud, offers the scalability, configurability, and sustainability required by medical device and diagnostic clinical trials. Our proven platform can scale trials from small or specialty startups to global multinational companies all while accommodating different classes of devices from pre- to post-marketing studies

Learn how Medical Device companies can make better data-driven decisions

Essential Guide: What Most Medical Device Companies Face and How to Succeed

Sponsored by Medidata and authored by expert Alethea Wieland, Founder and President of Clinical Research Strategies, this Guide provides Wieland’s first-hand view of challenges, best practices, and winning factors garnered through her extensive work with early stage medical device companies.

Medidata Rave Clinical Cloud for your Medical Device and Diagnostics Clinical Trials

Core Capabilities

  • Industry-leading data capture with Rave EDC, unified with randomization and trial supply management, Rave RTSM
  • Centralized, on-demand, unified coding
  • Operational transparency through data analytics
  • Expert and experienced service teams
  • Operational support for payments and site compliance reporting
  • Safety reporting system integration
  • Flexible, scalable clinical trial management system (Rave CTMS)
  • Full range of risk-based monitoring (Rave RBM) support, including centralized monitoring (Rave CSA)

End-to-End Platform Solution

  • Patient-friendly engagement through Rave Patient Cloud
  • Improved operational execution through Rave Study Design
  • Better budgeting through Rave Site Grants
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Rave RTSM for Medical Device and Diagnostics

Manage trial complexity simply and elegantly, with agile technology to randomize and manage supplies when needed as well as to streamline design and provide real-time visibility into operations.

Rave CTMS for Medical Device and Diagnostics

Effectively deploy critical resources, proactively address performance issues, and streamline operational workflows.

Rave eCOA for Medical Device

Centralize on-demand data to streamline clinical trials, with leading electronic data capture.

Bring New Medical Devices to Market Faster by Adopting a Unified Data Platform