Maximize the Power of Your Data

Gain an enhanced, comprehensive view of the patient journey by bridging the gap between clinical trial and real world data.

Maximize the Power of Your Data

Every sponsor, regardless of size or therapeutic focus, should be prioritizing the development of a strategy to link their data at scale.

Medidata Link

Linking Your Clinical Trials to Real-World Data

Medidata Link enables clinical trial data linkage with real-world data (RWD) at the patient level to enhance evidence generation beyond what is possible in traditional clinical trials. By creating an enriched view of the patient journey before,  during, and after your trial’s completion, Medidata Link generates insights that enable you to accelerate patients’ access to innovative treatments while minimizing site burden and costs.

Better Together

By linking your clinical trials to participants’ RWD, you can tap into ubiquitous data sources that are collected as part of routine care to fill in key evidence gaps and maximize your insight into the patient journey – all without adding undue burden or significant cost to your trials.

Future Proof Your Trials with Medidata Link

Simplify Implementation for You and Your Sites

Seamlessly collect and ingest PII (Personally Identifiable Information) via paper, eConsent, or Registry routes with frictionless patient or site-facing data collection tools.

Set Up Data Linkage Workflows and Create Tokens On-Demand

Centrally manage PII and the end-to-end data linkage process so that you don’t need to determine your downstream analytics or required real world datasets upfront to support scaling across your portfolio.

Ensure Your Data Set is Up-To-Date and Compliant

Robustly manage participant consent status even after the trial concludes and sites become inaccessible.

Maximize RWD Coverage With Your Choice in Tokenization Technology

Work flexibly with your choice of token vendor within Medidata’s secure environment in order to maximize data coverage and connect your trials to the broadest array of RWD ecosystems.

Set Your Sites Up for Success

Support trial sites with comprehensive training materials and enable seamless implementation within their existing workflows for an out-of-the-box launch.

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