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Build COVID-19 Studies in 2–4 Weeks with Medidata Professional Services

Aug 26, 2020 - 2 min read
Build COVID-19 Studies in 2–4 Weeks with Medidata Professional Services

As the demand for treatments, vaccines, and diagnostic tests remains high, companies depend on reliable and efficient study builds to initiate trials. According to Medidata’s published report, “COVID-19 and Clinical Trials: The Medidata Perspective,” for vaccines alone, there are 138 candidates in the preclinical phase, 35 in phase I or phase I/II trials, 4 in phase II trials, and 7 in phase IIb/III or III trials. 

Whether it’s through our living whitepaper or office hours with our subject matter experts, Medidata provides thought leadership and dedicated support to help life science companies run successful COVID-19 trials. The high demand for treatments, vaccines, and tests requires adaptation of technology, processes, and resources. We’ve written before about how Medidata helps with risk assessment and regulatory submissions regarding COVID-19 studies. Along with addressing these challenges, studies benefit from reducing build times from the outset.

Experienced professional service teams can help build studies significantly faster. Speed, without impacting quality and regulatory requirements, has never been more critical. To accelerate COVID-19 study designs while preserving quality for regulatory bodies, Medidata’s study build experts focus on four key areas:

  • Understanding the evolving situation: Understanding the impact on enrollment, patient visits, data collection, query response rates & additional metrics to help diagnose risk areas

  • Reconsidering trial design to enable data capture: Reduce patient visits and minimize site burden through virtual trials; shift site mix to lower-impacted countries; & reduce patient enrollment needs

  • Maintain supply & quality: Centralize data oversight and monitoring, bringing identification of patient anomalies earlier in the process while closely monitoring patient volume & drug supply

  • Accelerate study startup: Safely & effectively accelerate study startup times through faster investigator budgeting so cures & treatments can get to market faster

Medidata’s Professional Services team has the in-depth knowledge and industry experience to help life science companies complete COVID-19 study builds in as little as 2–4 weeks for Rave EDC and Rave Coder solutions. Our Professional Services team is ranked #1 by Life Science Strategy—the team relies on a holistic, disciplined approach coupled with best-in-class technology.


Learn more about Medidata Professional Services and accelerating study builds.

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