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Clinical Minds Podcast: What is the Data Telling Us?

Jul 08, 2020 - < 1 min read
Clinical Minds Podcast: What is the Data Telling Us?

Episode Transcript: What is the Data Telling Us?


Data science plays a major role in how life science companies develop new drugs and understand disease. Decisions throughout the entire clinical trial process depend on meaningful insights from good data, and clinical data informs predictions about future trends for patients and populations.

In our third episode, “What is the Data Telling Us?”, we talk with Fareed Melhem about what data tells us about COVID-19 and how data is being used to combat the challenges of a pandemic. Melhem leads Acorn AI Labs at Medidata, a collaboration space for researchers to bring together data and technology to solve drug development's biggest problems.

Join us at Clinical Minds, a podcast about clinical development. Our goal is to share what’s happening in the world of clinical research today, the technology and ideas that are transforming it, and why this matters for patients, which is all of us.

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