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From Intern to Full Time: Sascha K.

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What was your favorite part about the internship experience?
Hi, I'm Sascha and I'm currently a Customer Insights Analyst on the Marketing Ops and Analytics team. I graduated with an Applied Mathematics degree from the University of California, Berkeley in 2019. I was previously a Marketing Data Science intern before being hired as full time on the Marketing Ops team. My favorite part of the internship experience was the ability to explore different parts of Medidata with the projects that I was working on, most notably Data Science.

How would you describe the transition from working as an intern to working full time?
The transition from working as an intern to full-time was challenging yet rewarding as I was able to continue the projects that I was working on prior as an intern while taking on new, longer-lasting projects.

Did you have any mentors who helped you along the way?
My manager You Xi was very supportive and insightful as a mentor as I navigated my entry into being a full-time worker. She gave me tips to succeed that I am still utilizing today. I'd also like to mention Steven Schwager as a valuable person I've met here at Medidata. I've gained a wealth of knowledge from him as a young adult trying to enter into the world of data science, statistics, and analytics. 

What do you enjoy most about your new role?
What I enjoy the most about my new role is the flexibility and insightfulness my role has within the department. I get to work with each team within Marketing to see how data can enhance their activities

What advice do you have for recent grads looking to convert an internship into a full-time position?
My advice for recent grads looking to convert an internship to a full-time position is to use their internship as a time to learn and apply new skills to the projects they are working on. A unique approach and perspective are sometimes really valuable. 

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