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How CROs Can Use a Unified Platform for Virtual Clinical Trials

Apr 01, 2021 - 2 min read
How CROs Can Use a Unified Platform for Virtual Clinical Trials

How CROs Can Use a Unified Platform for Virtual Clinical Trials

Adaptive speed is an essential ingredient for optimal performance, growth, and transformation in times of unprecedented change. When investing in technology to support virtualization, a myriad of cloud technologies suites of capabilities are available. While evaluating options, consider a virtualization path built on proven innovative technology that offers adaptability, operational agility, patient-centricity, and speed. 

Our platform-as-a-service path to virtualization empowers CROs to drive growth beyond delivering virtualization, safely and speedily. The platform model also gives CROs a competitive edge with expanded revenue opportunities as it enables them to uncover new bids, identify fit-for-use data, and improve patient recruitment and retention. 

Unifying virtualization capabilities on a single platform delivers fast adaptation and performance with the following benefits:  

  • All scenarios of virtualization have been pre-identified 
  • An end-to-end range of technologies delivers solutions across all sites, patients, and sponsors on one single platform
  • Solutions are designed to improve patient experience, safety, and centricity 
  • All capabilities are synchronized to deliver real time insights for remediation and secure data integrity

Finally, CROs can mitigate risks when adopting new technologies by leveraging the right solutions at the right time, with the ability to unify virtualization plans and trial data through integrated data sets and product capabilities. 

  • >70% reduction in study build time over industry benchmarks
  • 40% improvement in CRA action item management productivity
  • ~70% reduction in report generation time
  • 61% higher reuse of eCRFs to reduce build and testing times
  • 50% reduction in subject visit to query close cycle time
  • 25% reduction in costs associated with visit report approval


“Working with Medidata brings brand recognition unlike anything else in the industry. That, and the fact it offers an ‘everything under one roof’ solution, removes the need for us to worry about additional integrations.” —Claude Price, director of clinical data management, Quanticate


Medidata offers CROs a proven, streamlined approach to virtualizing clinical trials. Our platform-as-a-service model, supported by the expertise of our Professional Services team, delivers an unmatched partnership experience. As the adrenaline from the crisis-response period wears off, leverage proven innovative technology to maintain a competitive edge. 

Attract and win more sponsor bids and execute them successfully with Medidata’s proven innovative technology and unmatched partnership experience—all to help you gain a competitive edge in the industry. Together, we can connect your business goals to our collective mission of extending greater value and improving outcomes for your customers and their patients.


Download The Ultimate Guide to Trial Virtualization: CRO Edition for a comprehensive guide to navigating complex virtualization requirements while delivering for your sponsors. 

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