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How New Technologies Can Change the Way We Manage Clinical Trial Processes

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We recently sat down with Robert Musterer, president of ER Squared, an eClinical consulting company partnering with Zifo Technologies. Robert presented at the Medidata Symposium on "Overcoming Inertia for Improved Clinical Trial Designs," a topic he covered in this recent Geeks Talk Clinical blog post. ER Squared and Zifo Technologies were also part of the Symposium Innovation Lounge. In this video interview, Medidata’s Claribel Pichardo chats with Robert on how the implementation of new systems can change the way we manage clinical development processes. Robert also discusses how leveraging the capabilities of new technologies can allow you to refocus creative energies and lead to a more value-added approach. *Guest blogger Robert Musterer is president of ER Squared, Inc., an eClinical consulting and services company. ER Squared is also a Medidata Services Partner and the first Medidata Designer accredited partner. Additional blog posts by Robert Musterer:

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