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Gathering Insights to Improve the Patient Experience in Clinical Trials

Aug 15, 2022 - 2 min read
Gathering Insights to Improve the Patient Experience in Clinical Trials

Medidata’s Patient Insights Board members gathered in the company’s New York office in July for a Design Studio Summit—the first in-person gathering of the board since 2019. The focus of the summit was to examine the industry benefits of clinical trial participants providing ratings and reviews of their clinical trial experiences

Participants also included representatives from Circuit Clinical, an integrated research organization that Medidata formed a partnership with in 2021. Members of Medidata’s Patient Cloud team were also present.

The summit began with an overview of ratings and reviews, including what motivates consumers to leave and read reviews, as well as how they use reviews to make purchasing decisions. The participants then discussed how ratings could be used to make clinical research more patient-friendly, patient-centric, and patient-engaged. The session concluded with a review of TrialJourney©, an online platform for clinical trial ratings and reviews. As part of Medidata’s partnership with Circuit Clinical, Medidata Rave customers benefit from event-driven triggers prompting their clinical trial participants to rate their clinical trial experiences.

Phyllisa Deroze sharing her health journey at the 2022 patient advocate summit

The summit was held in Medidata’s New York office, giving Medidatians the opportunity to meet the Patient Insights Board members and see them in action; this included listening to board member Phyllisa Deroze share her health journey.

“There's a lot that goes into a patient’s mindset when it comes to how people want to rate an experience—this is critical for us to understand,” explained Alicia Staley, VP, Patient Engagement, Medidata. “We focused on what lessons and best practices can be transferred from a consumer and retail experience to the clinical trial experience.” 

“The insights collected during the summit will be processed by Circuit Clinical as the company continues to build TrialJourney©,” said Kelly McKee, VP, Patient Registries and Recruitment, who oversees the Circuit Clinical relationship at Medidata. The partnership with Circuit Clinical focuses on two core capabilities: a network of 40+ decentralized clinical trial (DCT) sites and TrialJourney© ratings and reviews.


“By opening our Patient Design Studio to Circuit Clinical as our partner, we are able to infuse the patient perspective into this offering to ensure it has a positive impact on the industry and patient experience.”

– Kelly McKee, VP, Patient Registries and Recruitment, Medidata


“With our Medidata partnership, this event provides additional value that we gain by working with like-minded organizations to solve our toughest challenges,” said Dana Edwards, Chief Commercialization Officer at Circuit Clinical. “What we have learned is that patients want to be heard and their voice matters. We leave this event with an even better understanding of the perception patients may have of our TrialJourney© platform, and we can now work on improvements to meet their needs.”


Learn more about Medidata’s Patient Insights Program.

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