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Powering Patient Enrollment and Retention in Virtual Clinical Trials

Apr 01, 2021 - 2 min read
Powering Patient Enrollment and Retention in Virtual Clinical Trials

How CROs Can Power Patient Enrollment and Retention In Virtual Trials with Proven Innovative Technology

COVID-19 has caused CROs and sites to experience profound disruptions in patient enrollment and retention.To encourage participation, reduce burden, and decrease dropout rate, CROs need proven innovative technology to ensure that participation in clinical trials can be seamlessly integrated into each patient's life.

Virtualization technologies give CROs a competitive edge by ensuring better patient centricity and safety through recruitment, enrollment, and participation.CROs delivering end-to-end, streamlined, and unified technology will dramatically improve participant recruitment and retention by delivering a seamless flow of capabilities through the patient journey. 

For all its disruption, COVID-19 has, out of necessity, accelerated innovation. CROs leveraging agile technology are not only enabling patients, they are also gaining a competitive edge by changing the patient centricity paradigm.

Virtualizing technologies have a number of benefits, including:

  • Removing geographic barriers to participation
  • Giving patients a portal designed to help them learn about available trials and register for research in which they are interested
  • Expanding channels of recruitment: digital, social media, advocacy groups, or patient registries
  • Enabling virtual enrollment and participation for a more diverse set of patients, representing a broader range of ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic status. 


“We’re excited to be part of the early engagement program with Medidata on [the new myMedidata platform]. I think it’s really exciting and it’s going to benefit lots of patients.” —Rosamund Round, vice president, patient innovation center and decentralized trials, Parexel


Enable patients to virtually enroll and participate in clinical trials by expanding access to Medidata’s patient-centric solutions, such as eCOA, eConsent, wearable and biosensors and LIVE video visits through a web-based intuitive interface

Rave eConsent:
Automate the patient enrollment process, onboard patients directly into EDC, improve overall consent tracking management, reduce informed consent errors, and ease the administrative burden for sites and study teams.

Rave eCOA:
Modernize clinical outcome assessments by implementing electronic collection of data from patients, physicians, and caregivers using best-in-class technology, flexible deployment options, pre-validated global instrument library, professional services, and dedicated customer support.

Medidata Sensor Cloud:
Boost patient engagement by using a less intrusive way to capture frequent, continuous, and objective data directly from the patient during a clinical trial.

As an accredited Medidata CRO Partner, you are positioned to readily leverage Medidata’s clinical development platform that provides a depth and breadth of solutions to help you put patients first, excel at trial virtualization, lead with data, and connect people and processes. In addition to this, obtain access to our expert teams through our time-tested Partner Program for help with protocol design review, fine-tuning your operations with roadmap reviews, or refining proposals to sponsors to further amplify your impact, accelerate your business, and advance your operational performance. Ultimately, gain the competitive edge that only Medidata can enable to position yourself to adapt, respond, and outperform in any trial environment to scale your business, create new revenue streams, and increase margins with efficient operations.


Download The Ultimate Guide to Trial Virtualization: CRO Edition for a comprehensive guide to navigating complex virtualization requirements while delivering for your sponsors. 

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