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Three Criteria for Selecting the Right Clinical Technology Partner

Dec 18, 2023 - 2 min read
Three Criteria for Selecting the Right Clinical Technology Partner

This blog was authored by Kim Worner, Global Partner Initiatives Director at Medidata.

In the coming year, CROs will face a dynamic landscape with multifaceted challenges—escalating costs, scarcity of skilled professionals, regulatory changes around diversity, and questions about leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for trials. In this setting, cutting-edge technology will play a pivotal role. So how do you evaluate potential providers and choose the right clinical technology partner? 

Three factors should head your conceptual checklist: The abilities to win, innovate, and outperform in any trial environment. The ideal technology partner will offer a collaborative relationship to unlock new opportunities.

Win More Business

When you want to boost marketplace advantage, experience counts and partnership matters. A partner’s dedicated experts should extend your team’s reach to win bids. If they’re well-versed in drug development intricacies, they will be able to address your sponsors’ patient-centric needs and budgetary concerns.

Ask if the partner offers sales engagement support through the bid phase, including RFI/RFPs, product demos, and protocol reviews. Is there a partner portal containing self-service resources, tools, and information? 

The onboarding process is an indicator of how a partnership will be managed. Does the partner offer a formalized onboarding process? Ask what ongoing resources will be available.

A forward-thinking partner understands the value of collaborative marketing. Will the partner expand your industry presence through case studies, white papers, and joint marketing? For example, your company's profile on their website could enhance visibility and bolster credibility for sponsors.

Revolutionize with Scalable, Adaptable Technology

The cornerstone of successful clinical trial technology is groundbreaking innovation. Does the partner offer a robust, unified technology platform to support evolving regulatory guidance? Will scalability help your operation grow seamlessly without technological walls? 

Inquire about the partner’s commitment to continuous technical innovation—including AI-driven insights and advanced data analytics—as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and decentralized clinical trial (DCT) support. Can you optimize trials, streamline operations, speed time-to-market, and drive cost efficiency? Will the partner support your sustainability goals?

Next, ask about the partner’s roadmap review process for product enhancements. This information will demonstrate their commitment to staying at the forefront of technology. How will they communicate this information to you? Finally, ask about opportunities to engage with industry experts and participate in user groups.

Outperform the Competition

To stay sharp, you must continually expand your team’s expertise. Look for a partner offering the latest solutions, data, insights, and services to manage complex studies seamlessly—across phases and therapeutic areas. Will their support position you to achieve outstanding outcomes for sponsors and patients? 

A technology partner should offer comprehensive training and accreditation programs to equip your team for success. Will they provide your study builders and administrators with the technical expertise and processes to become experts? Can you gain operational and technical efficiencies, maximizing benefits from a unified platform? This knowledge will empower your team to differentiate and enhance your service offerings by gaining technical expertise to build and manage your own studies. 

Finally, you want your customer-facing teams to position and sell these solutions for business development. Will the partner offer continued sales support? Will they equip your team with sales enablement tools to boost sales and win more opportunities? 

In Summary

The right technology partner can help you navigate the coming year’s shifting, complex drug development landscape. Make sure you’ll gain the support you need to win, innovate, and outperform the competition in any trial environment.

As innovators, disruptors, and industry leaders, Medidata’s 240+ CRO partners rely on our proven technology to succeed. Are you ready to unlock new opportunities?

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