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Video Blog: CTMS as the Transactional Hub Enabling Clinical Workflows

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In our first video blog interview, Martin Dowdall, VP, CTMS, shares his vision for CTMS. His three pillars for CTMS—easy to use, easy to integrate, and easy to scale—set the stage for a discussion about the current and future state of CTMS.

Dowdall discusses the value of a platform approach for CTMS. Once the data enters the platform, it’s natively available to be used anywhere, in near real-time. What this means in practice is that any workflow—from site monitoring, to patient enrollment tracking, to issue management—is managed in a single system with the same standardized data feed, so that stakeholders can spend less time entering data into multiple systems and more time focusing on higher value activities.

With an open data architecture, Rave CTMS is built to work with your current technology landscape, regardless of which other vendors you work with or legacy applications you have.

Watch the full video below to learn more about Dowdall’s vision for CTMS—and where he thinks CTMS is headed in the future.

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