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Clinical Minds Podcast: What Do Virtual Clinical Trials Look Like?

Jul 01, 2020 - < 1 min read
Clinical Minds Podcast: What Do Virtual Clinical Trials Look Like?

Episode Transcript: What do Virtual Clinical Trials Look Like?

What does the clinical trial landscape look like when people are unable or unwilling to leave home? What does this mean for the race for a vaccine, and how is mobile health technology paving the way?

In episode one, Alicia Staley guided us through the complex process of creating a vaccine. The crux of this process is the clinical trial, in which a drug or placebo is tested on human patients. The commercial use of a vaccine, and ultimately the millions of lives it can save, rests entirely upon the success of the clinical trial.

But a clinical trial can’t progress if there are no patients to test. COVID-19 quarantine restrictions are now, ironically, the very reason the clinical research needed to take them down has stalled. With freedom of movement postponed until further notice, scientists must adapt if trials are to progress smoothly. Here’s the good news: a new wave of technology is showing promise.

In our third episode What do virtual clinical trials look like?, we talk with Anthony Costello, senior vice president of mobile health at Medidata. Anthony is a published expert on the impact of mobile health on clinical trials and the ramifications for everyone involved.

Join us at Clinical Minds, a podcast about clinical development. Our goal is to share what’s happening in the world of clinical research today, the technology and ideas that are transforming it, and why this matters for patients, which is all of us.

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