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Yesterday’s Events at the U.S. Capitol

Jan 07, 2021 - < 1 min read
Yesterday’s Events at the U.S. Capitol

Yesterday, we saw what should have been unthinkable happen in Washington, D.C. In a democracy, different points of view are necessary. In fact, the foundation of democracy is the respectful acceptance of different perspectives. However, there is no place for violence or the disregard for truth.

Moreover, yesterday’s riots came with symbols of blatant racism, and a sickening disregard for justice and the law. There is no place for this in our democracy, or in any decent society. Period.

In the aftermath, certain U.S. government leaders who have a longstanding history of disagreeing on political issues managed to unite to ensure the successful continuation of the U.S. democratic process. 

Ultimately, working to ensure respect, decency, and social equality for all is everyone’s responsibility. We all are accountable, and we stand together.

Tarek Sherif & Glen de Vries
Co-founders and CEOs Medidata

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