Medidata Detect Patient Data Surveillance

Improve Clinical Data Management Efficiency by Automating Manual Data Review

Patient Data Surveillance (PDS) is a clinical data management workspace that accelerates data aggregation, review, and visualization across many sources – including Rave EDC and Non-Medidata Data. With PDS, clinical data managers and medical monitors can collaborate to review patient data more efficiently, resolve queries faster, and identify issues sooner.

Why Choose Patient Data Surveillance?

Save Time by Centralizing Data Review

Patient Data Surveillance aggregates and integrates many patient data sources upfront, saving significant time and eliminating the need for external applications, trackers, and spreadsheets.

PDS streamlines data management activities in an intuitive system where users can navigate between listings, patient profiles, and queries with a single click.

Reduce Reliance on Clinical Programming

Patient Data Surveillance is a no-code software application that allows data managers to configure the tool themselves without waiting for clinical programming resources.

PDS leverages simple drag-and-drop functionality and a library of operators and templates, allowing users to create complex cross-data listings and derived variables in a matter of minutes.

AI Data Reconciliation that Keeps Data Managers in the Loop

Manual data review processes cannot scale to the volume and variety of data needed in today’s clinical trials. Using AI in data management applications is a powerful way to de-risk activities that save time and reduce human error.

Patient Data Surveillance includes AI-driven data reconciliation that automatically flags inconsistencies among data sources. The algorithm is trained by user feedback and by Medidata’s industry-leading historical clinical data set.

Fast Setup, Fast Success

Get started in a matter of days and build listings and profiles in just a few hours. Patient Data Surveillance requires minimal configurations with templates provided out of the box.

Improve Data Quality Holistically

Patient Data Surveillance is part of Medidata Detect, a comprehensive data surveillance and risk management solution that holistically manages quality at the datapoint, patient, site, and study level.

Medidata Detect was recently named as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape “Worldwide Life Science R&D Risk-Based Monitoring Solutions 2022 Vendor Assessment.”

Key Features of Patient Data Surveillance?

Cross Data Listings

Build Listings Across All your Data

Patient Data Surveillance provides a single tool to aggregate, review and analyze data, from all data sources. Data Managers can generate data outputs, including listings and exceptions, with simple drag-and-drop functionality and perform bulk query management with one click.

AI-Driven Data Reconciliation

Simplify Complex Data Reconciliation with AI

AI-driven data reconciliation is a powerful way to de-risk data management activities by automating the identification of potential discrepancies across more complex data sets. Algorithms automatically develop relationships within and between data sets, driven by curated data from the historical clinical trials on the Medidata platform. This tool automatically provides a daily list of potential discrepancies for the data manager to review, reducing time to reconcile data and check consistency between data sources.

Patient Profiles

Patient Profiles

Visualize the aggregated patient narratives in one place to review  safety and medical patient-level critical data. Data managers can focus patient profiles on areas of interest with graphs, side-by-side timeline views, and custom flags.

Real-time patient cleaning status with user-defined metrics

PDS provides data managers a configurable visual dashboard that tracks patient cleaning status in real-time.

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Patient Data Surveillance

Patient Data Surveillance gives data managers and medical monitors the ability to automate their activities to ensure high data quality and patient safety.

Patient Data Surveillance

Ensuring data quality and patient safety oversight during clinical trials requires multiple operational team members to aggregate, interrogate, and query data across EDC and other sources.  View this infographic to see how patient data surveillance can be made easy.

Patient Data Surveillance Demonstration

Medidata Detect Patient Data Surveillance simplifies complex data investigation across many data sources without the need for programming. See it in action and how to save significant time for your data managers and medical monitors.

Transformation of Clinical Data Management to Clinical Data Science

As the clinical trial data acquisition landscape expands, the industry requires new approaches to support the rapid pace and increasing diversity of data sources. Thus, it’s not surprising that the focus of clinical data management teams is shifting from reactive, exhaustive data cleaning to proactive, risk-based clinical data science.