Forbes Names Medidata CEO to “America’s Most Innovative Leaders” List

Company Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation Under Tarek Sherif’s Leadership; Transforming Drug Development and Clinical Trial Technology 

  • Medidata celebrates 20 years of innovation as the Operating System for Life Sciences 
  • Company dedicates success to the support and collaboration of employees, customers, partners, and the life science industry

NEW YORK – October 2, 2019 - Forbes named Tarek Sherif, CEO of Medidata (NASDAQ: MDSO), to their list of “America’s Most Innovative Leaders.” Mr. Sherif ranked among today’s top 100 most creative and successful business minds.           

“On behalf of all Medidata employees, I’m honored to be recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Most Innovative Leaders,” said Tarek Sherif, CEO and co-founder of Medidata. “Along with co-founder, Glen de Vries, president of Medidata, we started Medidata as a mission-driven company with a vision of powering smarter treatments for healthier people. Innovation and high growth require a team effort, and I’ve been lucky to be working with the best people in our industry. The passion for innovation and dedication of our employees, and the support of our customers and partners around the world, has made us the leader in healthcare technology. And, it is driving us to transform drug development for the benefit of all patients.”

Medidata’s journey started in 1999 when the company revolutionized clinical trials with Rave EDC. Today, Medidata is the Operating System for Life Sciences, with over 1,300 customers, 5.2 million patients, and more than 18,000 clinical trials have been conducted on the platform. 

The Company’s focus on R&D and deep industry knowledge continue to drive new, game-changing initiatives and strategic partnerships, including: 

  • Acorn AI, a Medidata company: Launched in 2019, Acorn AI leverages the company’s rich, regulatory grade clinical data, machine learning and AI capabilities, and pharmaceutical product development expertise to drive value for life science companies. This includes accelerating innovation, improving time to market for new drugs, and demonstrating value to a wide range of stakeholders.    
  • Industry collaborations: Medidata partners with leading life science influencers and regulatory bodies to solve industry challenges and provide fresh perspectives through collaboration. This includes partnering with a working group led by Friends of Cancer Research, comprised of representatives from the FDA, pharmaceutical companies, academia and patient advocacy. The group seeks to address challenges of randomized control trials and explore the power of using data from historical clinical trials, such as with Medidata’s Synthetic Control ArmTM (SCA). 

About Medidata

Medidata is leading the digital transformation of life sciences, with the world's most-used platform for clinical development, commercial, and real-world data. Powered by artificial intelligence and delivered by industry experts, Medidata helps pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device companies, and academic researchers accelerate value, minimize risk and optimize outcomes. Medidata and its companies, Acorn AI and SHYFT, serve more than 1,300 customers and partners worldwide and empower more than 150,000 certified users every day to create hope for millions of patients. Discover the future of life sciences:

About Acorn AI

Acorn AI is a Medidata company that represents the next horizon of the industry leader’s 20-year mission of powering smarter treatments and healthier people. Acorn AI is designed to make data liquid across the entire lifecycle and to answer the most important questions in R&D and commercialization for customers. Built upon the Medidata platform, Acorn AI products feature one of the industry’s largest structured, standardized clinical trial data repository connected with real world, translational and other datasets. For more information: