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Rave CSA

Rave CSA

Put your clinical trial data under the microscope.

Rave CSA (Centralized Statistical Analytics) goes beyond data aggregation and visualization. It uses machine learning for advanced anomaly detection so you can identify known and unknown risks faster and more accurately. You get immediate insight into clinical trial performance and data quality without any programming effort or statistical expertise. Work from a single, comprehensive overview for efficient cross-functional collaboration during the clinical trial process.

Use machine learning to improve the quality of your clinical trial data. Become the expert of the unknown.

Why Rave CSA?

Mitigate Data Quality Issues

Hands down, manual data reviews are labor-intense. We’ve also found that manual data reviews aren’t useful for identifying broader data quality issues across patients or sites or issues where the problem can’t easily be detected by sight. Rave CSA can significantly free up the time it takes to ingest data from multiple sources and formats. You don’t need to spend hours on identifying patterns and trends across millions of data points and pinpointing issues over and above typical data quality assessments. Rave CSA lets you skip the edit checks, source data verification, queries, and SAS data management.

Avoid Regulatory Challenges

Don’t let one bad site derail your clinical trial or spoil your entire study. Rave CSA makes it easy for you to identify performance deviations at individual sites, flag inconsistencies with a single patient or across all patients, spot differences in adverse event reporting, note general data irregularities, and, most importantly, call out any potential misconduct.

Implement Timely Corrective Measures

Data-driven insights early in a study lead to improved decision making and faster corrective or preventive action in areas including risk assessments, functional quality plans, monitoring plans, and protocol designs. Armed with insights gleaned from Rave CSA, you can educate sites and patients early to prevent recurring problems and orchestrate timely corrective and preventive measures.

Watch expert Medidata panel demystify analytics and machine learning in clinical trials

What can you do with Rave CSA

Patient Profiles

Rave CSA leverages the industry’s most advanced patient profile designs to enable safety and medical reviews of patient-level critical data. It uses aggregated, mastered, and integrated data in a timely manner from multiple study-specific sources to provide you with a holistic view of the patient. Watch a quick demo of Patient Profiles

Study and Site-Level Dashboards

Rave CSA provides convenient dashboard views of overall site and study grades based on the quality of data investigated. Watch a quick demo of Study and Site-Level Dashboards.

KRI Table

The Rave CSA Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Table function identifies site trends based on study-specific needs. It can help alert central monitoring teams of site-specific or country-level behavioral or performance concerns as well as clinical data issues that can potentially impact data quality. Watch a quick demo of the KRI Table.

One-View Table

The Rave CSA One-View Table function prioritizes issues and flags the most important ones. It offers a variety of options for data managers to navigate the visualizations of individual variables by site and patient. Watch a quick demo of the One-View Table.