Rave Coder

Rave Coder

Coding with more speed, more consistency, and fewer headaches

Rave Coder provides a cloud-based, centralized coding system that consolidates data, queries, and reconciliation. Backed by our pioneering machine learning algorithm, Rave Coder decreases time-consuming, manual entries while increasing your speed, accuracy, and trial efficiency.

Streamline medical coding across therapeutic areas, global teams and regulatory regions.

Higher Consistency

With trials increasingly dispersed across the globe, consistency can be a serious pain point. Rave Coder offers centralized coding and includes dictionary maintenance, with MedDRA®, MedDRA/J®, WHODrug, and J Drug. Up-versioning is fast and painless, and Rave Coder is certified by WhoDrug Uppsala Monitoring Centre, the global leader in pharmacovigilance.

Powered by Machine Learning

Our highly precise algorithm suggests codes based on patient-reported outcomes, minimizing errors, and reducing the amount of time and effort you spend on queries to correct those errors. Accuracy of suggested codes is currently measured at 95%, and growing with every use.

Cost Effective

Faster teams and fewer coding errors mean more productive studies. With Rave Coder and its easy-to-use interface, you can streamline dictionary management, migrate coding decisions, reduce coding costs after dictionary upgrades, and ultimately reduce cycle times.

Mar Reyes
Data Management Director, Ambit
Rave Coder and Rave EDC

Ambit unlocks the value of Rave Coder and rescues three key oncology studies