Rave Imaging

Rave Imaging

Go beyond image delivery to fast, intuitive image management

Rave Imaging offers cloud-based, secure management of all your medical imaging tasks in a system that’s equally innovative and intuitive. Gain visibility and access while simplifying processes for sites, sponsors, and core labs alike. Over 50% of trials involve medical imaging— Rave Imaging helps you manage them faster, cheaper, and with lower risk.

Reduce your query rate by up to 75%. See how it works at over 5,000 global locations.

Standardize and Simplify

We’ve completely re-engineered image management, including automatic image de-identification and edit checks, plus automated distribution and automated reviews per your protocol. This simplified, structured approach can decrease query rate by up to 75 percent, making your study faster and safer.

Total Real-time Visibility

Track image upload status and submission time, image review status, CRF data and image-specific queries, all in real time. Our simple browser interface means easy access and higher efficiency, with no need to depend on a separate core lab or CRO tech platform.

Integrated Everywhere

Rave Imaging seamlessly integrates with Rave EDC, the industry’s leading system for data capture and management, making it easy to manage the many facets of your trial from a single platform. And Rave Imaging can integrate with any core lab team or network without customization.

The use of medical imaging in clinical trials is growing rapidly.