Rave Site Payments

Rave Site Payments

Spending too much time investigating payments to investigative sites?

Rave Site Payments is a new way to pay clinical research sites. It’s a unified, cloud-based technology that makes site payments as easy as payroll. Accounting departments that use payroll systems never skip paychecks or miscalculate wages and taxes. Now with the purpose-built, unified solution Rave Site Payments, your clinical finance team doesn’t have to either!

Use clinical trial data to calculate and disburse payments in real time.

Seamless Integration for Global Execution

Rave Site Payments is EDC agnostic for easy integration into your systems. It’s the only global end-to-end cloud solution, as well as the largest CROs-based reimbursement tool that uses clinical trial data to calculate the cost and disburse payments in real time.

Transformative payment and disbursement technology

Because Rave Site Payments is triggered by Rave EDC automatically, it serves as a source of truth for work completed by clinical trial sites. And its inherent scalability means it can process varying payment volumes to multiple sites. The combination helps to eliminate the burdensome pain point of the clinical trial site reimbursement process.

Data-driven reporting and payment forecasting

Real-time reporting and forecasting aid insight-based, decision-making across your entire clinical trial. When your payment process is triggered by EDC events, disbursements become an additional source of information and insight, as well as an invaluable forecasting tool for your entire study.

See how The Medidata Rave Site Payments automates the clinical site payment workflow.