Rave Targeted SDV

Rave Targeted SDV

Spend less time on SDV and more time on critical data and processes.

Source Document Verification (SDV) devours more than 15% of trial budgets, yet research shows that verifying every data point does not significantly improve data quality. Research also suggests that when conducting 100% SDV, less than 3% of all CRF data actually changes. But what if there was a way to automatically target SDV just where you need it most? Rave Targeted SDV lets you reduce SDV coverage without sacrificing data quality or regulatory compliance.

Turn high cost and low gain into low cost and high gain.

Cost-savings in Monitoring Visits

Checking every box for every data point is not the best use of a site monitor’s time on-site. In fact, regulatory bodies are saying that by doing 100% SDV, organizations are likely missing something else that is important. A more focused approach to SDV is not only possible but can also lead to higher data quality and integrity.

Design Better SDV Strategies

With Rave Targeted SDV, study teams can design, configure and execute a reduced SDV strategy while maintaining 100% coverage of critical safety or efficacy data. Teams can plan study-specific and site-specific SDV all the way down to the data field, form and patient visit levels; which produces a complete inspection-ready record of what was verified and not verified to ensure compliance.

Spend More Time on High-Value Activities

When monitors are not heads down on conducting 100% SDV, their valuable time can instead be used to have more targeted communications with study sites, leading to improvements in data-cleaning cycles, site enrollment metrics, and overall efficiency and performance.

Carmen Weese
SVP, Data Operations at INC Research
Rave Targeted SDV and Risked-Based Monitoring
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