Rave Wearable Sensors

Rave Wearable Sensors

Patient-centric trials are the future. Integrating data from wearables and sensors is right now.

Trials are increasingly looking to patient wearables and sensors to provide a steady stream of accurate data. With Rave Wearable Sensors, that trove of biomarker data is automatically integrated directly into Rave, saving you time, effort and cost. Featuring a highly scalable, secure infrastructure and an intuitive tracking and analytics dashboard, the future of clinical studies is all yours.

Sensors, simplified. Only Rave Wearable Sensors lets you directly integrate your data with Rave.

Unified from the Start

Because Rave Wearable Sensors sends data from wearables and sensors directly to the unified Rave platform, data is compliant and highly accurate, while time spent on data entry and transcription is obsolete. Now you can capture a richer, patient-centric dataset faster, and have the tools to manage it.

Scalable and Full Service

Through our partner ecosystem, Rave Wearable Sensors has access to over 200 consumer and medical grade sensors to support your study. And our expert mHealth team is here to guide you seamlessly through set up. We know trial needs change in real time, so our system does too. With scalable cloud storage, you’ll always have secure space for your data.

User-friendly Interface

Dive directly into the raw data stream or browse intuitive dashboards to find detailed analytics, patient compliance reports, and data quality tracking. Rave Wearable Sensors offers powerful visibility into actionable, patient-centric data.

Rave Wearable Sensors provides you with a proven and regulatory-compliant way to integrate data from biosensors and wearables, straight from the source.