Webinar: Improving Patient Centricity with Edge Design Optimizer

On Demand Webinar

Improving Patient Centricity with Edge Design Optimizer

When a Clinical Scientist conceives and develops a protocol, the patient burden is usually assessed qualitatively, but the reality of a patient’s overall experience is not evaluated systematically.

Medidata’s Edge Design Optimizer, now with the Patient Burden Index, enables an improved, data-driven approach to quantifying patient burden throughout the trial. This quantitative approach can help mitigate the often substantial 30% patient dropout rate,1 in a clinical trial. Clinical Scientists and physicians responsible for the design of a protocol can now make the important shift from subjective, ad hoc assessment of patient burden to an objective, data-driven approach.

In this demo webcast, see firsthand how Edge Design Optimizer can help you improve trial execution by identifying opportunities to optimize protocol design and bolster or reinforce patient retention strategies, leading to a more patient-centric trial.

Speaker Details:

Diane Carozza
Managing Sr. Engagement Consultant, Medidata Solutions

Diane is a Managing Sr Engagement Consultant responsible for leading the Study Planning and Feasibility offerings at Medidata.