Medidata Academy announces New and Updated courses for Project Elevate: Unified Platform Upgrades

For the upcoming Wave 1 of unified platform upgrades for Project Elevate, Medidata Academy is happy to announce new and updated eLearning courses in English are now available. These courses are only for users who have or will shortly be upgraded to Medidata's Rave EDC platform, accessed using Cloud Administration.

  1. Overview of Differences between iMedidata and Cloud Administration (New Course)
    This course covers the differences between iMedidata and Cloud Administration that affects all end users, such as Navigation and User Profile Management.This course is now available on iMedidata.
  2. Overview of the Differences between Classic Rave and Rave EDC in EDC (Updated Course)
    This course covers the differences between Classic Rave EDC and Rave EDC. It is an existing course which has been updated with enhanced screenshots, and the following items post the Rave 2019.1.0 release:

    • Improvements to working with queries
    • New Study Task List
    • Updated Navigation bar demo with role switching drop down
    • Working with Audit History

    This course has been updated on iMedidata, with no impact on current course completions or study access. All study groups / teams that have this course configured in iMedidata will automatically be updated to the latest version.

    We strongly recommend this updated course, as it would benefit all users to familiarize themselves with the course updates.

Note: These courses would be valuable only for customers who are scheduled to or have recently upgraded from iMedidata-administered Classic Rave to Cloud Administration-administered EDC. If you have customers who have not yet committed to or completed a unified platform upgrade, we do not recommend assigning these courses to such customers. 

Please reach out to your Medidata representative for enrollment.

Note: Both these courses are generic and for all end-users (not role specific). Check out our course catalog for more in-depth courses available for various user groups for Rave EDC and Cloud Administration.

If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to reach out to us at