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The table below covers all the introductory training modules available for Rave EDC functionality. The modules will provide you with an introduction on how to navigate Rave EDC, and explain the functionality you may be required to use during the data collection and management process.

Instead of being assigned to a course with several modules as a standard, clients will assign the modules from the list below based on each sponsor's unique needs.

Review the Recommended Module Combinations (found in the course supplement section of this page) for recommended modules for each role.

Note: Clients are not required to select all modules. They will select only the modules that reflect their study setup.




 Medidata Cloud: Administration Navigation Bar  3 min  This eLearning covers an overview of the Rave EDC navigation bar.
 Medidata Rave EDC: Getting Started  3 min  This eLearning covers topics such as viewing the sites list, the subject homepage, and the subjects list.
 Medidata Rave EDC: Creating a Subject  2 min  This eLearning covers creating a subject in Rave EDC.
 Medidata Rave EDC: Entering and Editing Data  7 min  This eLearning covers topics such as editing data, audit history, field types and field data validations, and dynamic fields and forms.
 Medidata Rave EDC: Markings  2 min  This eLearning covers how to apply markings including queries, sticky notes, protocol deviations and comments.
 Medidata Rave EDC: Cleaning Data  6 min  This eLearning covers topics such as freezing data, locking data, reviewing data, verifying data, and performing bulk actions.
 Medidata Rave EDC: eSignatures  2 min  This eLearning covers applying signatures and batch signatures.
 Medidata Rave EDC: About Log Forms  6 min  This eLearning covers topics such as types of log lines, cleaning log data, marking on log forms, and inactivating and reactivating log  forms.
 Medidata Rave EDC: Understanding Lab Forms  4 min  This eLearning covers how to use lab forms in Rave EDC.
 Medidata Rave EDC: Local Lab Administration  3 min  This eLearning covers topics such as an introduction to local labs, viewing a local lab, and creating a local lab.
 Medidata Rave EDC: Task Management  3 min  This eLearning covers managing tasks using the EDC Tasks dropdown in Rave EDC.
 Medidata Rave EDC: Subject PDFs  2 min  This eLearning covers how to view subject PDFs in Rave EDC.
 Medidata Rave EDC: Subject Administration  3 min  This eLearning covers topics such as adding a new form and folder, inactivating forms and folders, and reactivating forms and folders.

For iMedidata and Medidata Cloud Administration eLearning Modules, click here.

Course Type



Clinical Trial Administrators, Data Entry Personnel, Data Managers, Monitors, Site Personnel, Site/User Administrators, Study Designers/Builders, System Administrators (Clinical)


Varies based on your needs




Rave EDC

Recommended Module Combinations for Rave EDC (ENG)