Medidata Global Education Announces New Online Certification Testing Site

Medidata Global Education (MGE) is pleased to announce the availability of our new Online Certification Testing site. The new site is built using GaugeOnline, by GaugeOnline is an online hosting platform, known for its customization options and flexibility. Global Education selected this platform to match the changing needs of our end-user certifications, and allow increased flexibility and scale within MGE.


What are the features of the new delivery tool? 


 The new tool has the following features:


  •  “At-will” Exams - Candidates can now access and complete the exam at any time that is convenient for them, within 60 days of their registration. Retakes and exam time-limits will now be automatically managed by GaugeOnline, reducing time spent submitting ticket requests.
  • Access to Exam Certificates - Candidates will no longer have to request a copy of their certificates, all certificates will be available in their user profiles. 
  • User Profile Amendments - Users can now edit their personal profile information (Name, Email) without an email request. 
  • Enhanced reporting on user results and test performance, allowing us better insight into a learner’s level of understanding, and test validity 
  • Single Hosting Site for all Certification-related documents - Candidates will be able to access all certification-related items including, study guides, practice exams and Capstones.


What Medidata Certification Exams are currently available?

As we move forward on this new platform, we are migrating our current certification program from to our new hosting URL. As of this date, we are happy to announce the availability of the following certification programs:

  • Medidata Classic Rave Certified Study Builder
  • Medidata Classic Rave Certified Study Administrator

The following certifications are being finalized and should be available in the coming weeks. Continue to follow this post for updates:

  • Medidata CSA Certified Analysis
  • Medidata Grants Manager Certified User
  • Medidata Payments Certified Study Builder

As a reminder, the following certifications are completed via eLearning with no additional examinations and will continue to be hosted on iMedidata.

  • Medidata Rave EDC Certified Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Medidata Rave EDC Certified Principal Investigator
  • Medidata Classic Rave Certified Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Medidata Classic Rave Certified Principal Investigator
  • Medidata Certified Monitor

How to Enroll


To enroll, please contact your Medidata Project Manager/Representative. They will facilitate your enrollment and access to the required prerequisites (eLearnings and/or Instructor-Led Trainings). An explanation of the required prerequisites for each Certification can be found on the Medidata Certifications page


  1. Where do I access the schedule of certification exams?
    • As mentioned earlier, the move to Gauge included a move away from scheduled exam windows. Once a user is enrolled into a Certification Program, they can start at their own convenience within 60 days of registration.
  2. How long is the window opened for an exam?
    • All exams have a 24-hour access window. You must complete the exam within 24 hours of starting it. 
  3. Is there a separate time limit in addition to the open window for the exam?
    • Yes, there is a time limit tied to each exam. The time limits are unchanged and a timer will be visible during the exam.
  4. What if I need to step away in the middle of my attempt? Does the timer continue? 
    • We have implemented the ability to pause the timer. Each user will be provided instructions on this functionality within an introduction lesson they will complete before accessing an exam.
  5. Were any changes made to prerequisites required to enroll in an exam?
      • No, there are no changes to any course content or prerequisite requirements.
  6. Were the exams changed as part of this migration?
    • Most certification exams are migrating with minimal changes. The only changes made are as follows:
      • The Classic Rave Certified Study Builder Certification Exam will now have 70 questions to better assess everything a Study Builder for Classic Rave’s EDC would need to know.
      • Some Classic Rave Certified Study Builder and Rave Certified Study Administrator exam questions were updated for clarity.
      • All Certification Programs will include an Introduction lesson prior to taking the exam. The lesson will include similar instructions that certification candidates would view when using Content includes turning off pop-up blockers, navigating the exam, and other new functionality available to use through GaugeOnline!
  1. Will the Classic Rave Certified Study Builder and Classic Rave Certified Study Administrator exams be available in the APAC locales?
    • The Classic Rave Certified Study Builder and Rave Certified Study Administrator exams will be available later this year in Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
  2. I completed certification on the old URL. Will I still be able to access them?
    • Those that completed certifications on will maintain their certification status.  We are exploring all options for easy access to historical records, including loading them to GaugeOnline, importing them to Tableau, or making them accessible via SmartSheet. We are hoping to have all certification records easily accessible to PS and hopefully users over the next several months.
        • If you have received certification on the old URL and you request the following
          • Exam Certificate(s) - Please email with your full First and Last name, the company name & the email address used at the time of the exam.
          • New Exam Enrollment - Please inform your Medidata Project Manager of your previous enrollment, including the exam(s) taken, and the email address used at the time. The old account will then merge with the new one. 


We thank you for your patience during the exam site development.


If you have any additional questions about the Certification program, please add a comment to this post or email