Medidata Honors Patients Who Have Helped Advance Treatments Through Clinical Trials on World Cancer Day

February 4, 2022— Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, is supporting World Cancer Day by honoring the millions of cancer patients who have helped advance cancer treatment through their participation in thousands of cancer clinical trials around the world. 

Medidata solutions have been involved in the development of 75% of all FDA oncology novel drug approvals since 2015,” said Anthony Costello, CEO Patient Cloud at Medidata. “Our mission is to help solve the impossible, and on World Cancer Day, we pause to remember all the patients who have helped us take steps in that direction by contributing to current and future cancer treatments.” 

During the pandemic, cancer clinical trials initially stalled. The first COVID-19 pandemic wave caused a 60% drop in new oncology trials and slowed patient enrollment in oncology trials by a similar magnitude*. Through rapid deployment of existing and new DCT technologies, Medidata helped bring cancer clinical trials back up to pre-pandemic levels. This includes launching video capabilities in myMedidata, a portal patients can use with any online device to learn, enroll and participate in clinical trial activities from their own homes. 

Medidata is also working to decrease the patient burden and accelerate cancer studies with Medidata Acorn AI’s Synthetic Control Arm (SCA). SCA uses patient data from past clinical trials instead of recruiting a new control group. It can provide a scientifically rigorous comparison in scenarios where a control group is hard to recruit or retain, such as rare or imminently life-threatening diseases where the standard of care can be considered inadequate. This video shows how important SCA technology can be to cancer clinical trials.

To join Medidata in honoring oncology clinical trial participants on World Cancer Day, see our video, get helpful facts in our infographic and visit our website.






Tom Paolella
Senior Director, Corporate Communications & Affairs

Paul Oestreicher
External Communications Director