Rave Design Optimizer

Rave Design Optimizer

Take a data-driven approach to protocol design.

At best, a poorly designed protocol causes study delays. At worst, the trial fails. Rave Design Optimizer uses a data-driven approach to streamline study design by benchmarking your protocol against studies of similar indication and phase. Design Optimizer’s insights can help you develop a lean and objective study that meets your clinical and statistical outcomes while minimizing cost, site burden and patient burden.

Support a patient- and site-centric approach to protocol development.

Why Rave Design Optimizer?

Optimize procedure selection and frequency.

Leverage industry-leading benchmarks to evaluate your study’s design against studies of similar phase and indication. This approach will help guide your design decisions around the optimal selection of procedures and the frequency in which they are performed.

Reduce protocol site and patient burden.

Understand the impact your study design has on site and patient burden over the study’s duration to bolster operational strategies and mitigate the risk of patient drop-out.

Improve line of sight.

Visualize the cost allocation and site and patient burden against your study’s objectives. Align activities against the trial’s core objectives and reduce the allocation of resources against non-core activities. Expose procedures for which no objective or endpoint has been defined.

Austin J. Combest
Sr. Director, Clinical Information and Science
Rave Study Design Optimizer

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