Study Site Analytics

Study Site Analytics

Understand how your site performs today for improved performance tomorrow.

Developed in collaboration with the Society of Clinical Research Society (SCRS), Study Site Analytics enables sites to measure their performance relative to a specific study. Through an intuitive dashboard that leverages Medidata’s deep data set, sites can now definitively determine when and how they lag or excel, equipping sites to make better-informed decisions.

Screen Failure Percent, Early Termination Percent, Enrollment Metrics - All One Click Away

Why Study Site Analytics?

Transparency of Study Performance  

Study Site Analytics is part of the Medidata Rave Clinical Could platform, so sites can now identify study-specific level trends and benchmark their performance. The dashboard includes metrics for screen failure percent, early termination percent, and enrollment, with anonymized benchmark comparisons to other sites in a study. With improved transparency, sites can make better-informed decisions that improve their overall satisfaction and performance.

Actionable Collaboration 

With deeper insights and a new perspective, sites can collaborate with other sites, sponsors, and CROs to address specific processes and procedures where they may be falling short.  Developed to leverage metrics standards that facilitates collaboration, the dashboard enables industry and sites to partner to increase study compliance, productivity, and foster stronger relationships.