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Synthetic Control Arm™

De-risk your go/no-go product decisions with the power of a patient-level matched control arm.

Synthetic Control Arm (SCA) advances the speed, profitability, and scientific validity of single arm oncology trials. With our vast pool of historical data, we combine actual patient-level data of carefully chosen former trial patients for you to compare with current experimentally treated patients. Web-based visualization tools let you explore data-driven insights and analyses, helping to fuel confident decision-making while protecting the source’s intellectual property and patient privacy.

Empower your study with data-driven clarity SCA.

Why Synthetic Control Arm™?

Unrivaled Patient Data at Your service

Get access to unparalleled data assets from more than 16,000 studies and 4 million trial subjects, all cleaned, standardized, de-identified, and aggregated. Adding a patient-level matched control arm with patients drawn from previous clinical trials in the same indication significantly advances the scientific validity of your uncontrolled studies.

Patient-Level Matched Controls

Combining datasets across multiple trials enables you to make more precise estimates of the comparison group outcome and explore effects in subgroups. These are two advantages not possible with historic literature comparisons.

De-Risk Go/No Go Product Development

SCA improves the interpretation of single arm studies, enabling you to make better product development decisions. An intuitive interface provides pre-populated analyses, allowing exploration of standardized variables and relationships including demographics and baseline characteristics, disease attributes, and safety and efficacy outcomes. Together, SCA and advanced analytics give you unprecedented decision-making power.