Rave Custom Function Programming Workshop


Take one of the following:

Rave Study Design and Build Essentials (SDBE) or
Rave Study Design and Build Essentials (SDBE) - Data Managers and Rave Study Design and Build Essentials (SDBE) - Data Validations
RaveX Study Design and Build Essentials (SDBE) - Data Managers and RaveX Study Design and Build Essentials (SDBE) - Data Validations
Rave Essentials for Custom Function Developers

Minimum 1 year of C# experience
Successful completion of the C# assessment

Note: Students must be fluent in the following C# concepts:

Basic Input Output Operations
Using User Value-Type Variables
Statements and Exceptions
Methods and Parameters
Essentials of Object Oriented Programming
Using Reference-Type Variables
Creating and Destroying Objects
Aggregation, Namespaces and other advanced topics
Operators, Delegates and Events
Properties and Indexers


Some sophisticated edit checks require advanced programming. This class teaches participants to recognize complex edit checks and to understand the logic required to program them. The class reviews successful techniques and best practices for implementing complex edit check logic.

After the initial training sessions, attendees write their own Custom Functions and submit a list of 10 - 15 CFs, the URL and the study for the Custom Functions for review by the trainer. Once the review is completed, the trainer will have a follow up session to provide his or her feedback.

An additional 2 hour session will be held prior to the trainer’s review for the attendees to ask any questions they have about their own Custom Function development with the trainer.

Course timeline includes:

  • Initial Instruction (7 half day sessions)
  • Clients’ Custom Function Development (2-3 weeks)
  • Custom Functions Q&A session (2 hours)
  • Custom Functions Instructor Review (1-2 weeks)
  • Custom Functions Review Feedback (2 hours)

This course has a pre-requisite of Object Oriented Programming experience and C#. Rave Study Design and Build Essentials (SDBE) course or Rave Essentials for Custom Function Developers is a pre-req & must be taken prior to attending the Custom Functions Training. Programming is conducted in C#. This provides the Rave foundation necessary to build custom functions.

Note: A prerequisite assessment on concepts of C# will be distributed to all attendees prior to the training to assess their skills.  Students must pass this in order to attend the Custom Functions training. Additionally, attendees must attend all sessions to completion and pass a Post Assessment to earn training credit for the course.

This course is taught on the latest released version of Rave.

Course Type

Instructor-led Classroom, Instructor-led Web-based


C# Programmers, Custom Function Developers

Max Attendees



For US/EMEA trainings - Remote is the only delivery method available. Remote offerings are 7 consecutive half day sessions. For APAC - Classroom training is the only delivery method available and runs as 4 full day sessions For all sessions The two follow up sessions are 2 hours each.




Rave EDC (Legacy)

Training Units

6 *For Remote training sessions, an additional service fee of $21 per student/per day for each day will be applied.


Please review the Medidata Academy Training Delivery Cancellation Policy prior to scheduling.

Course Outline - Rave Custom Function Programming Workshop