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Rave Imaging Survey: Site Users Are Highly Satisfied

Jun 17, 2020 - 3 min read
Rave Imaging Survey: Site Users Are Highly Satisfied

In this post, we explore the results of our recently completed survey of Rave Imaging site users. Rave Imaging is a secure and intuitive cloud-based system where site users, sponsors, and core labs can seamlessly manage all medical imaging tasks for imaging clinical trials.

As described in more detail in our Rave Imaging Fact Sheet, medical imaging is expanding quickly in clinical trials, with approximately 50% of trials using imaging as an efficacy and safety endpoint or for study eligibility. In therapeutic areas like oncology, nearly all trials rely on medical imaging but many sites and core labs still rely on antiquated processes that require shipping CDs and/or film. This process is costly and resource intensive and can introduce risks that can delay trials and regulatory submissions. 

Our survey was designed to gain a better understanding about site users’ experience and satisfaction with Rave Imaging so that we could learn how to further improve the application. In March 2020, Medidata conducted a global survey of site-based users of Rave Imaging. The results that follow are based on 345 completed surveys. 

Survey Results & Key Learnings

Result #1: Site Users Prefer Rave Imaging Over Other Software Solutions
The survey found that respondents preferred using Rave Imaging three times more than all other imaging management software, making it the most preferred solution in this category. Further, respondents indicated that they prefer technological solutions that are easy to use, and Rave Imaging received a great deal of positive feedback in this domain.

Result #2: Site Users Are Satisfied with Rave Imaging
67% of site users indicated that they were Highly Satisfied with Rave Imaging. 

Result #3: Site Users Are Likely to Recommend Rave Imaging
The survey found that 60% of site users are highly likely to recommend Rave Imaging to their colleagues (7+ rating).

Result #4: Site Users Like to Work with Rave Imaging
Overall, 33% of respondents indicated that they were more likely to participate in a future study if it employed Rave Imaging.

Result #5: Features of Rave Imaging that are Most Important to You?
The survey results indicated that the top four most important features to site users were: 

  1. Single Sign-On through EDC so sites do not have to remember multiple logins.
  2. Image De-Identification tools that allow automated DICOM de-identification as well as pixel masking.
  3. Background Uploads so site users don’t have to wait for images to upload before moving on to other tasks.
  4. Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Connectivity that allows users to view imaging information within EDC.

Result #6: Importance of Having EDC Software Connected to Imaging Software
The survey also asked how important it was to have EDC connectivity to imaging software, which is known to reduce data reconciliation and queries and improve visibility to the full study.

The survey found that 72% of site users believed that imaging software integration with EDC is important, especially given the opportunity for a single sign-on and reduced time spent on reconciliation and queries.

Medidata also received  valuable feedback regarding the upload tool and query process for our site users. The results also indicated  the need for additional site training to make sure that the sites were upgraded to the latest software version, and for several additional enhancements such as more intuitive query display and navigation as well as up front imaging edit checks, which Medidata is addressing (scheduled for a Q3 2020 release).

Based on the results of this recent survey, an overwhelming number of site users indicated that they were more likely to participate in, or neutral about, a future study if that study employed Rave Imaging. Most respondents were also highly satisfied with Rave Imaging, were highly likely to recommend it to a colleague, and preferred it over other available imaging solutions. The survey also revealed the top four features important to site users, including EDC connectivity. Overall, this survey allowed Medidata to gain a better understanding about site users’ experience and satisfaction with Rave Imaging, and Medidata is incorporating the feedback to further improve the solution for our users. 

To learn more about Rave Imaging, visit our website.

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