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What It Looks Like to Work with a Trusted Partner

May 12, 2021 - 2 min read
What It Looks Like to Work with a Trusted Partner

We take pride in the Medidata way: Integrity. Honesty. Decency. Our fundamental values determine how we work and how we serve our customers. Trust is built and earned through years of commitment, accomplishment, and ethical behavior. At Medidata we’re proud of what we offer to the market because our technology and expertise consistently demonstrate these principles of trust.

We value these principles at Medidata because innovation in the life sciences industry fundamentally depends on trust. Patients rely on sponsors, CROs, and their technology partners to be responsible stewards of data. Data privacy and security directly affect the integrity of clinical trials and impact patients’ lives in very personal ways. 

That’s why Medidata built its business on safeguarding patient data. We earn the trust of our customers and their patients every day—and we’ve been doing it for more than twenty years. As the first company to bring clinical trials into the twenty-first century, we understand that reliable clinical trial results require steadfast investment in privacy, security and quality management systems. 

Trust and Transparency: The Unified Protection Strategy

When it comes to privacy, security, and quality management expertise, Medidata exceeds the industry standards and leads by example. The trust we cultivate with our customers—including over 150 leading CROs—produces results: Medidata’s technology has been used in over 24,000 clinical trials, and more than 50% of existing drugs and medical devices were developed with our trusted technology.

Our Unified Protection Strategy includes Medidata’s Information Security, Data Privacy, and Quality teams. Together these groups manage and maintain a secure, stable, and scalable cloud platform, robust data governance processes, and an inspection-ready quality management system.

Responsible Data Management: Security, Privacy, and Quality

With a security-by-design approach, Medidata builds holistic platform and perimeter security into our technology from the outset. We use the most advanced tools and techniques to protect your data from new and existing threats. From a privacy perspective, Medidata exceeds the legal requirements with our integrated data governance program to maintain accountability throughout all data processing. We also use an inspection-ready Quality Management System that makes sure our software products and services meet your expectations and comply with applicable regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive security, privacy, and quality certifications demonstrate the way we value trust.

Within the inherently innovative life sciences industry, things change constantly: technology comes and goes; breakthrough treatments elevate the standard of care; clinical operations adapt to a pandemic. But trust never goes out of style. 


Work with the company trusted for more than twenty years by over 1,700 customers with data from over 7 million patients.

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