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Working in Different Systems Hampers Collaboration Across Functions for ClinOps Teams. What Can Be Done?

Feb 20, 2020 - 2 min read
Working in Different Systems Hampers Collaboration Across Functions for ClinOps Teams. What Can Be Done?

In our last blog, we discussed survey results showing the vast majority of ClinOps teams in clinical trials aren’t able to identify issues and take action quickly, a result of being overwhelmed with more work. Today, we’ll look at organizations’ ability to use trial data for strategic decision-making as well as their effectiveness in collaborating across functions in clinical trials.

As we have already seen, tighter budgets and increasingly complex trials are taking a toll on ClinOps teams. Not surprisingly, respondents identified budget constraints and trial complexity as the main factors interfering with their ability to take trial data and use it to inform sound business decisions. These two factors were found in nearly one-third of respondents’ answers. 

The inability to use clinical trial data effectively is also impacted by the challenges respondents face collaborating across functions in trials. One-quarter of respondents said their organization failed to collaborate effectively across functions in clinical trials. Working in different systems and budget constraints were the top two reasons given as barriers for the lack of effective collaboration.

Given the increasing complexity of clinical trials, organizations are looking for ways to address the challenging environment they are operating in. They want to boost efficiency to maximize scarce resources. And they’re being asked to perform more effectively -- such as identifying and resolving issues more quickly than they’ve done in the past.

The most important technology for trial oversight is a modern clinical trial management system, such as Medidata’s Rave CTMS. Rave CTMS provides a seamless and automated way to capture all data in a single platform. It gives you the ability to leverage any data from any source for any type of study. This ensures all users are working from the same set of information in real time improving stakeholder alignment.

Rave CTMS supports ClinOps by reducing -- and even eliminating -- time spent on gathering and aggregating information across multiple systems and people. With less time wasted finding, compiling, and verifying data, it greatly improves your ability to collaborate with colleagues and mitigate risk. Teams can focus on identifying, prioritizing and resolving the most critical issues.

Rave CTMS streamlines and enhances workflows, communication, early issue identification as well as rapid issue resolution by allowing data from a wide variety of sources to flow into a powerful, centralized and unified platform. With a unified platform, users can realize intelligent oversight, which enables them to be more efficient and effective throughout the trial. It provides sustainable and scalable solutions to meet growing global expectations. 

To learn more about Medidata Rave CTMS click here.

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